Alfredo RODRIGUEZ, 1954 ✿

Alfredo Rodriguez is a Mexican figurative artist Known for real western figure-genre painting, Native Americans. He was born in 1954 in the small Mexican town of Tepic, Nayarit, which is located in the heart of Mexico and very close to the Huichole Indian reservation.

Alfredo RODRIGUEZ ~ Native American Children ✿

Alfredo Rodriguez is a Mexican painter Known for real western figure-genre painting, Native Americans. He was born in 1954 in the small Mexican town of Tepic, Nayarit, which is located in the heart of Mexico and very close to the Huichole Indian reservation.

William Sergeant KENDALL ✿

William Sergeant Kendall (1869-1938) was an American painter and sculptor, most famous for his evocative scenes of domestic life; his wife and three young daughters were frequent subjects in his early work.

Jules Octave TRIQUET ✿

Jules Octave Triquet (1867-1914) è stato un pittore francese, nato a Parigi. Triquet dipinse ad olio e pastello, scene storiche, quadri di genere, ritratti e paesaggi. Ha iniziato i suoi studi come pittore sotto i famosi istruttori, Tony Robert- Fluery, Eugene Le Roux e Bouguereau.La sua opera è nel Musée de Rouen ha un paesaggio e un ritratto dell'artista nella loro collezione permanente e nel prestigiosissimo Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Alessandro GRANATA Pittore ✿

Alessandro Granata è un pittore e scultore Napoletano, nato a Salerno nel 1989. Sin da piccolo mostra una forte passione per il disegno, si diploma al liceo artistico e  vince il primo premio della ventiquattresima edizione del premio di poesia, di grafica e pittura “Alfonso Gatto 2008” sezione grafica e pittura, conferitogli dalla provincia di salerno.

Jules TRIQUET (1867-1914) ✿

Jules Octave Triquet (1867-1914) was a French painter, born in Paris. Jules Triquet painted in oils and pastels , historical scenes, genre pictures, portraits and landscapes. He began his studies as a painter under the famed instructors, Tony Robert-Fluery, Eugene Le Roux and Bouguereau. His work is in the Musée de Rouen has a landscape and a portrait by the artist in their permanent collection and in the highly prestigious Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Eduardo FORLENZA (Napoli, 1861-1934) ✿

Eduardo Forlenza (1861-1934) fu un artista italiano di scuola napoletana, nato a Torre del Greco, (Napoli) nella seconda metà dell'800. Forlenza fu allievo di Irolli, e riscosse un notevole successo per i suoi ritratti, in particolare figure femminili. Ritrasse soprattutto popolane e pescatori, anche se realizzò, inoltre, paesaggi e scene di genere, ispirandosi, in particolare, a Vincenzo Irolli. A Napoli lavorò con Tito Pelliccioli e Luca postiglione e partecipò all'Esposizione di Belle Arti di Firenze del 1913 e alle Promotrici di Belle arti dal 1912 al 1917.

José ROYO, 1941 ✿

Spanish impressionist painter Jose Royo born in Valencia in 1941. He began demonstrating his artistic talent early. At the age of 9 his father, a prominent physician and avid art enthusiast, employed private tutors to instruct Royo in drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Paul VAN GINKEL ~ Flamenco Dance ✿

Paul Van Ginkel is a Canadian painter who was born in 1960 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Paul is specializing in Western and Dance themes. He moved with his family to Calgary, Alberta in 1973. In search of change and new stimulation he then moved to Vancouver, B.C., in 1996, however, returned to Calgary in 2001.

Daniel F. GERHARTZ, 1965 ✿

Daniel F. Gerhartz is a American realist painter born in 1965 in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, he studies at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois. Dan has a particular interest and appreciation for modern Russian art.

Daniel F. GERHARTZ ✿

Daniel F. Gerhartz is a American Figurative painter born in 1965 in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, he studies at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois. Dan has a particular interest and appreciation for modern Russian art. Dan's paintings embrace a range of subjects, most prominently the female figure in either a pastoral setting or an intimate interior. He is at his best with subjects from everyday life, genre subjects, sacred-idyllic landscapes or figures in quiet repose, meditation or contemplative isolation.

Marianna FOSTER ✿

Marianna Foster is an Ukrainian painter, was born in 1982 Nikolaev, Ukraine. She relocating to Phoenix, Arizona in 2012 with her husband and two little children. In Ukraine she was classically trained, graduated from the prestigious National Institute of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kiev with a Master of Arts degree. Prior to the Institute, she studied for five years at the Children's Art School in Nikolaev, Ukraine. In addition to classes, Marianna studied for two years painting and drawing privately with famous masters of Ukrainian and Russian art.

Philippe ATTIE ✿

Philippe Attie is a Haitian realist artist, living and working in Florida. Born in Seguin, Haiti, in 1986. By the time he was 16, he gained an apprenticeship with renowned artists, Ralph Allen, and later on, Richard Barbot. Under their direction, Philippe's passion grew even stronger as his knowledge of acrylic and oil colors increased.

E m'illumino d'immenso di Catherine La Rose

Dov'è il mare
la rotta per l'infinito
con tutte le mie angosce
da portarsi via...

Mary Jane ANSELL ✿

Se mi lasciassi
la poesia
a te
giorno dopo giorno
perderei l'oriente
e tutto ciò
che mi connette

~Catherine La Rose©2021 ~
tratto da "A sol levante"

Giuseppe PECORARO, 1947 ✿

Giuseppe Pecoraro è un pittore italiano nato nel 1947 a Favara (Sicilia). Sin da bambino mostra doti atistiche disegnando fumetti, poi con gli anni perfeziona sempre più la sua passione per l'arte. La sua Accademia è stata l’esperienza e la lunga amicizia con il grande pittore favarese Lillo Bellomo.

Sheida Keyhan HAGHIGHI ✿

Sheida Keyhan haghighi is an Iranian artist painter who was born in Tehran in 1983. At the age of 16 and while studying graphic design at Azadegan Art School, she started painting at the Ara Painting Studio under the guidance of Master Iman Maleki.

Laurent BOTELLA ~ Pastel ✿

Laurent Botella is a French pastellist, born in 1974 in Nantes. His apprenticeship in painting began in 1989 in the Aussonne Maïthé Rovino studio, followed by a year of Fine Arts in Toulouse. The work focused on oil painting and pastel. Charcoal and pencil work has always been the basis of his before and after school work.

Giuseppe PECORARO ✿

Giuseppe Pecoraro is an Italian painter born in 1947 in Favara (Sicily). Since he was a child he showed artistic skills by drawing comics, then over the years he perfected his passion for art more and more. His Academy was his experience and long friendship with the great Favarese painter Lillo Bellomo.

Alexi ZAITSEV, 1959 ✿

Impressionist painter Alexi Zaitsev (Алексей Зайцев) was born in Ryazan, Russia in 1959. He graduated in 1983 from the Ulianov Art School and worked as a book and magazine illustrator at the Union of Journalists of the USSR. In 1990, Zaitsev began to show his work at various fine art exhibitions and soon became one of the most talked about young Russian artists. His work is in great demand and usually sells out at each exhibition.

Mark SENIOR (1864-1927) ✿

Mark Senior (1864-1927) was a British Impressionist painter, born in Dewsbury, Yorkshire. Mark studied first at Wakefield School of Art, and from 1895 at the Slade where he was taught and befriended by Philip Wilson Steer.


Franz Rumpler (1848-1922) è stato un pittore Austriaco di genere e paesaggista. Era figlio di Johann Baptist Rumpler (1807-1876), intagliatore del legno, e fratello di Johann Rumpler, il Giovane (1845-1918), scultore del legno. Da suo padre vennereo le prime lezioni. Dopo aver mostrato un talento insolito, fu inviato a Vienna per ulteriori studi, all'età di quindici anni, e ricevette numerosi premi per il suo lavoro.

Chen YANNING ~ Oriental Music ✿

Chen Yanning (陈衍宁) is a contemporary Chinese-American artist was born in Guangzhou in 1945. Chen studied at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts before graduating in 1965. He remained in the province working as a painter for the academy until 1986, when he emigrated to the United States to study at Oklahoma City University. His early Chinese works include the poster Chairman Mao Inspects the Guangdong Countryside and New Doctor of the Fishing Port. His commissioned portraitures include Queen Elizabeth, Aung San Suu Kyi and Richard Branson.

Franz RUMPLER (1848-1922) ✿

Franz Rumpler (1848-1922) was an Austrian genre and landscape painter, the son of Johann Baptist Rumpler (1807–1876), a wood carver, and brother of Johann Rumpler, the Younger (1845–1918), a wood sculptor. His first lessons came from his father. After displaying unusual talent, he was sent to Vienna for further study, at the age of fifteen, and received several prizes for his work.

Slava GROSHEV, 1968 ✿

Slava Groshev/ Слава Грошев is a Russian contemporary figurative artist, started painting six years ago, when he lived in Montreal." I happend to start make paintings. I always knew I can do that, but I never had time and opportunity for it.

Serge IVANOFF (Russian, 1893-1983) ✿

Serge Petrovitch Ivanoff (Иванов Сергей Петрович) was a Russian portrait painter, born in Moscow and showed artistic ability from a young age. On the family’s move to St. Petersburg, he took the opportunity to further his artistic studies by enrolling at the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1917, at the height of the Russian Revolution. The turmoil of the aftermath of these events prompted Serge Ivanoff, with his wife and two young children, to move permanently to Paris in 1922.

La tua voce ~ Catherine La Rose

La tua voce
mi chiamava
La tua voce
eco d'una cattedrale

Boleslaw SZANKOWSKI (Polish, 1873-1953) ✿

Boleslaw Szańkowski (1873-1953) was a Polish portrait painter. He  studied painting at the Krakow Matejko School of Fine Arts between 1890 - 1893 and from 1894 at the Munich Academy. Then he moved to Paris, stayed there for 13 years, studied at the Académie Julian and Colarrosi. In 1900 he received the medal at the Paris salon with a portrait of a man in an officer's uniform, the hussar.


Vlaho Bukovac (1855-1922) era un pittore e accademico croato. La sua vita e il suo lavoro furono eclettici, poiché l'artista perseguì la sua carriera in una varietà di locali e il suo stile cambiò notevolmente nel corso di quella carriera. Nato nella città di Cavtat a sud di Dubrovnik in Dalmazia, suo padre era un italiano di Genova, mentre sua madre era di origine croata.

Max KURZWEIL (1867-1916) ✿

Max Kurzweil (1867, Bisenz -1916, Vienna) was an Austrian painter and printmaker who, together with Gustam Klimt, revolutionized the academic pictorial art of the late nineteenth century, becoming part of that group of artists who in Austria proclaimed themselves the Viennese secessionist movement, but known throughout the world as Art Nouveau.

Frederick STEAD (1863-1940) ✿

Frederick Stead (1863-1940) was a British painter who was born in Shipley, Yorkshire. He painted mainly portraits and local landscapes. He studied at Shipley School of Art and the RCA and taught life drawing at Bradford School of Art.

Pierre Auguste COT (1832-1883) ✿

Pierre Auguste Cot (1837- 1883) was a French painter of the Academic Classicism school. He  was born in Bédarieux, Hérault, and initially studied at l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse before going to Paris. He studied under Leon Cogniet, Alexandre Cabanel and William-Adolphe Bouguereau. In 1863 he made a successful debut at the Salon, and from the 1870s, his popularity grew quickly.

Lucio AMITRANO, 1950 ✿

Lucio Amitrano artista di scuola Partenopea, è uno dei più famosi maestri contemporanei dell'arte italiana, è nato a Napoli, Italia nel 1950. Insegnante d'arte attualmente vive e lavora nella sua villa sull'isola di Capri.

Ginny PAGE, 1963 ✿

Ginny Page is a English Realist painter was born 1963 in Lincolnshire, England. She started painting with watercolours since the age of 10. Motifs from the nature around her childhood home in Lincolnshire were the first sources of inspiration.

Karen HOLLINGSWORTH ~ WindowScapes ✿

Karen Hollingsworth is American painter, born 1955. She is known for her unique light, airy windowscapes. In the past the artist painted interior spaces, now she includes an open window that acts as a portal into the space beyond. Her large oil paintings often depict subject matter that is fairly minimal, chairs and ordinary interior settings, however what attracts many viewers is the mysticism evoked by the movement of the air and the ocean breeze through the curtains.

Take a smile ~ Poem by Gandhi

Take a smile,
give it those who never had it.
Take a sunbeam,
let it fly where the night reigns.
Discover a source,
wet those who live in mud.
Take a tear, lay it on the face of those who never cry.
Take courage,
put it in the soul of those who don’t know how to fight.
Discover life,
tell it to those who don’t understand it.
Take hope,
and live in its light.
Take goodness,
and give it to those who don’t know how to give.
Discover love,
and convey it to the world.

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~
Oils by Pramod KURLEKAR

Kari LILT ✿

kari lilt is a surrealist watercolour artist from Sydney, Australia.
"I like to create my own reality through playful surrealist watercolour portraits. I am fascinated by the wondrous emotions of human faces, and find great joy in manipulating them with different textures, materials, and concepts.

Prendi un sorriso ~ Poesia di Gandhi

Prendi un sorriso,
regalalo a chi non l’ha mai avuto.
Prendi un raggio di sole
fallo volare là dove regna la notte.
Scopri una sorgente
fa bagnare chi vive nel fango.

Ivan GROZDANOVSKI (The painter of light and shadows) ✿

Ivan Grozdanovski is a Contemporary Landscape painter, born in 1978 in Vrsac, Serbia. Self-taught artist, his first standalone exhibition was in 1997 in Šid, after which he regularly participated on various local exhibitions in Serbia, as well as around Europe. Ivan's paintings gained many awards through the years.


Ivan Grozdanovski is a self-taught painter from Vršac, Serbia. He regards himself as a painter of light who always tries to fit into his own life and the nature that surrounds it. His preferred motifs are landscape, still life, science fiction, and his most commonly used techniques include water colours, pastels, acrylic and oil.

Lucio AMITRANO (Napoli, 1950) ✿

Lucio Amitrano, is one of the most famous contemporary masters of Italian art, was born in Naples, Italy in 1950. Art teacher currently lives and works in his villa on the island of Capri.

Nicholas St John ROSSE ✿

Nicholas St John Rosse is a contemporary British painter, was born in 1945 in Hampstead, London, and was educated at University College School. From an early age he became interested in painting, encouraged and enthused by watching the landscape painter Donald Towner at work in the open air and visiting his studio.

Henri LEBASQUE (French, 1865-1937) ✿

Henri Lebasque (1865-1937) was a French Post-Impressionist painter, born in Champigné, France. He moved to Paris in 1886 where he came under the influence of Auguste Renoir and Camille Pissaro, and started exhibiting at the Salon des Indépendants.

Frank Markham SKIPWORTH (1854-1929) ✿

Frank Markham Skipworth (1854 in Castor, Lincolnshire-1929 in London) was an English  painter specialized in portrait and also genre and historical subjects. He studied for two years at the Lincoln School of Art, then under Edward Poynter at the Royal Academy Schools for three years and became a pupil of Adolphe William Bouguereau in Paris.

Arthur HACKER ✿

Arthur Hacker (1858-1919) è stato un pittore britannico classicista inglese, nato a Londra. Nella sua arte era più noto per la pittura di scene e ritratti religiosi, e la sua arte è stata influenzata anche dai suoi lunghi viaggi in Spagna e Nord Africa. Studiò alla Royal Academy tra il 1876 e il 1880 e all'Atelier Bonnat di Parigi. Espose due volte alla Royal Academy, nel 1878 e nel 1910, e fu eletto accademico nel 1910.

Dimitra MILAN ✿

Dimitra Milan is a young visionary artist, born in 2000.  She was created her first painting just 5 years old. Her parents, prolific artists John and Elli Milan were struggling to create an abstract painting for their Art Dealer.

Geskel SALOMAN (1821-1902) ✿

Geskel Saloman (1821-1902) was a Danish/Swedish portrait and genre painter. Born and educated in Denmark, he settled in Sweden in 1850 and became professor at the Stockholm Art Academy. Soloman was one of the Bedřich Smetana's closest friends and painter of one of the three existing portraits of the founder of the Czech national music, then only 34 years old.