Lucio AMITRANO (Napoli, 1950) ✿

Lucio Amitrano, is one of the most famous contemporary masters of Italian art, was born in Naples, Italy in 1950. Art teacher currently lives and works in his villa on the island of Capri.
In her works she establishes a compositional complexity combined with great expressive color: it undoubtedly pretends to capture her personal experience and an idealized reality of the female world.
With his touch and safe experience, which goes beyond the school of the painter, Lucio Amitrano introduced lived and dreamed reality with several paintings that show a fiery seriousness and a clear and profound understanding of pictorial models. In his works the spiritual content, which represents the world with its simplicity and naturalness, is alive.
His works are highly quoted and defined by experts as an explosion of colours and great expressive skills.

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