Joan BRULL (1863-1912) ✿

Joan Brull i Vinyoles (1863-1912) was a Catalan painter born in Barcelona, Spain. He was a Catalan symbolist painter, along with other artists including Adrià Gual, Josep Maria Tamburini, and Alexandre de Riquer.

James BAMA, 1926 ✿

James Elliott Bama (1926) è un artista americano noto per i suoi dipinti realistici e le incisioni di soggetti occidentali.


An Jing 安静 is a chinese figurative painter from Beijing (Pechino) who has studied in Capital Normal University and Oil Painting Academy of China Academy of Art, is a member of Beijing Municipal Art Association, a member of China Oil Painting Association, an honorary professor of Ukraine National Academy of Fine Arts, and a director of China-Russia Oil Painting Association.

Nydia LOZANO ✿

Nydia Lozano is a Spanish Impressionist painter, born in Alginet in 1947. Inspired by the work of the 19th century masters, Sargent, Sorolla and Zorn, and the continuing philosophy of the Valencia School, Nydia began portraying the female figure in her paintings.


Jantina Peperkamp is a self-taught artist from Holland, painting incredibly realistic portraits. In her works the final result is established by the energy that arises between the artist and the model. She was born in 1968 in The Netherlands where she currently lives and works alongside one of the scenic winding dikes characteristic of the country.