Ignat Ignatov is an artist with extraordinary talent. His paintings have incredible richness, vitality, and emotion that the artist achieved with master use of color, light, and texture.

Mary Hiester REID ✿

Mary Hiester Reid (1854-1921) è stata una pittrice e insegnante canadese nata in America. Era meglio conosciuta come pittrice di fiori Nature morte e nel 1890 si pensava fosse la più importante pittrice di fiori del Canada. Ha anche dipinto paesaggi domestici, scene notturne e, interni di studi e studi di figure. Il suo lavoro di pittrice è correlato in senso lato a Tonalismo e Estetismo o "arte per l'arte".


Norman Prescott-Davies (1862–1915) era un pittore e illustratore inglese. Davies è nato a Isleworth e ha studiato al London International College e South Kensington. Fu eletto Associato del Royal College of Art nel 1891 e alla Royal Society of British Artists nel 1893.

Sarkis DIRANIAN (1854-1938) ✿

Sarkis Diranian (1854-1938) è stato un pittore orientalista armeno. Originario dell'Impero Ottomano, si è stabilito per molti anni a Parigi. Nacque a Istanbul e studiò arte presso la scuola di disegno e pittura aperta in via Hamalbaşi a Beyoglu dall'artista francese Pierre Desire Guillemet nel 1875.

Adolfo BELIMBAU (1845-1938) ✿

Adolfo Belimbau (1845-1938) was an Italian painter. He was born in a Cairo, Egypt to an Italian Sephardic Jewish family from Tuscany. Belimbau was influenced by the Macchiaioli painters, and was a colleague and friend of the painters Vittorio Matteo Corcos, Ulvi Liegi, and Alberto Pisa.

Ralf HEYNEN - Fine Arts Painter ✿

Ralf Heynen is a figurative painter of classical realism from Netherlands. His technique is based upon effective use of light and tonality and very fine brushstrokes. These strong light effects and the subtle use of colour are typical of his work which leads to sophisticated and detailed paintings.

Jimmy LAWLOR /Surrealist painter ✿

Surrealist painter Jimmy Lawlor was born in Wexford in 1967. He now lives in Westport, in the magnificent West of Ireland. Lawlor has been exhibiting for over 20 years. His work is based not only on the Irish sense of humour, but on the vivid realisation that the old way of life will have vanished by our next generation.


Sarkis Diranian (1854-1938) was an Armenian orientalist painter. Originally from the Ottoman Empire, he was established for many years in Paris. Diranian was born in 1854 in Istanbul and studied art at the school of drawing and painting opened on Hamalbaşi Street in Beyoglu by the French artist Pierre Desire Guillemet in 1875.
His painting The Enchantress was exhibited in the photography studio of the Abdullah Freres in Beyoglu in 1883, and on the proceeds from its sale he went to Paris and worked in the studio of Jean-Léon Gérôme.