Joseph Désiré COURT ✿

Joseph-Désiré Court (14 September 1797, Rouen – 23 January 1865, Paris) was a French portrait painter of historical subjects. He was a descendant of the portrait painter, Hyacinthe Rigaud, and displayed an early interest in art. His first studies were with Marc-Antoine Descamps, at a drawing school established by Descamps' father, Jean-Baptiste. Following that, he worked at the studios of Antoine-Jean Gros in Paris.

Lee Lufkin KAULA ✿

Lee Lufkin Kaula (23 December 1865 – 1 August 1957) was an American artist born in Erie, Pennsylvania. A painter of genre scenes, portraits, and landscapes throughout her career, she first trained in New York with Charles Melville Dewey, the American tonalist painter who had studied in Paris and worked with Carolus-Duran on a ceiling painting at the Louvre.

Alberto PANCORBO, 1956 ✿

Alberto Pancorbo is a spanish Fantastic Realistic painter born in the city of Soria, Spain in 1956 Pancorbo begins to paint from a very early age in his native city. At the age of 18 he transferred to the city of Barcelona with the ultimate goal to dedicate himself only to painting. In 1980 he became an exclusive artist of Sala Gaudi in Barcelona, which exposed his paintings for the first time in the international fair of art of Basel, Switzerland. He began a period of exhibitions in different cities of Spain and overseas.

George HITCHCOCK (Artist) ✿

George Hitchcock (1850-1913) was an American painter, born in Providence, Rhode Island. A graduate of Harvard and Brown, he pursued an unsuccessful law career before leaving America at 29 to study art at the Paris Academie Julian under Gustave Boulanger and Jules-Joseph Lefebvre. In 1880, he moved to the Netherlands, remaining there for the rest of his life.

Philippe Jacques LINDER (French, 1835-1914) ✿

Philippe Jacques Linder (1835-1914) was a french poster artist who was born in 1835 in Saarlouis (Saarland), Germany, to French parents.

Catherine La Rose ~ Salva la mia anima

Ruvida la notte
nel silenzio che rantola nel buio
la voce fioca
nella bocca dei sogni

Philip Richard MORRIS (British, 1836-1902) ✿

Philip Richard Morris ARA (4 December 1836 – 22 April 1902) was an English painter of genre and maritime scenes (particularly allegorical ones of rural life), Holman Hunt-influenced religious paintings and (later in his career) portraits.

Michael Peter ANCHER ✿

Michael Peter Ancher (9 June 1849 – 19 September 1927) was a Danish realist artist, and widely known for his paintings of fishermen, the Skagerak and the North Sea, and other scenes from the Danish fishing community in Skagen.