Ferdinand Georg WALDMÜLLER (1793-1865) ✿

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (15 January 1793 in Vienna – 23 August 1865 in Hinterbrühl, Austria) was an Austrian painter and writer. Waldmüller was considered one of the most important Austrian portrait painter of the 19th century.

Ernest Ange DUEZ (French, 1843-1896) ✿

Ernest Ange Duez (1843-1896) was a French painter of genre scenes, portraits, and landscapes. His style, between that of the conservative Paris Salon and Impressionism, has been called juste milieu, and he has been compared to Alfred Stevens, Giuseppe De Nittis, and James Tissot.

Gustave Leonard DE JONGHE (Belgian, 1829-1893) ✿

Gustave Léonard de Jonghe (1829-1893) was a Flemish painter known for his glamorous society portraits and genre scenes. After training in Brussels, he started out as a painter of historical and religious subjects in a Realist style. After moving to Paris where he spent most of his active career, he became successful with his scenes of glamorous women in richly decorated interiors.

John George BROWN (American, 1831-1913) ✿

John George BROWN (1831-1913) was an American Realist painter specialized in genre scenes. Brown was born in Durham, England. He studied nights at the School of Design in Newcastle-on-Tyne while working as a glass cutter there between 1849 and 1852 and evenings at the Trustees Academy in Edinburgh while working at the Holyrood Glass Works between 1852 and 1853.

Aimée BRUNE (1803-1866) ✿

Aimée Brune-Pagès (1803-1866) was a 19th century French painter. Aimée Brune Pagès was a pupil of Charles Meynier and was, under the various French political regimes, the Restoration, July Monarchy, Second Republic and Second Empire, one of the most respected women painters. She exhibited regularly at the Salon from 1822 to 1853 and sometimes collaborated with her husband, Christian Brune.

Bernard CIOCHETTI, 1942 ✿

Bernard Ciochetti is a french painter born in 1942 in Marseille. After having followed a training in "Métiers d'Art", "Art Déco", "Ecole Charpentier" in Paris, Bernard Ciochetti began, in the 1970s, a career as Artistic Director at Havas Conseil (advertising agency). He then specialized in the creation of posters and illustration. His taste for classical 19th century painting led him to become an amateur orientalist painter.

Ricardo CELMA, Buenos Aires ✿

Ricardo Celma è un'artista plastico argentino, nato a Buenos Aires nel 1975. Dall'età di 5 anni ha seguito corsi nelle botteghe di grandi artisti, e all'età di 16 anni ha realizzato la sua prima mostra personale. Alla fine del liceo è entrato alla Scuola Nazionale di Belle Arti Prilidiano Pueyrredón, dove ha ottenuto il titolo di professore nazionale di disegno e pittura, con ottimi voti.

Konstantin KACEV/ Константин Качев ✿

Konstantin kacev / Константин Качев described the realistic concrete scenes of modern life with surrealism. He is born in 1967 in the former Soviet Union, and he is a painter who currently lives and works in Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia.