Mark ARIAN ✿

Mark Arian is an American Realist Painter. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1947 and received formal training in painting and sculpture at the Frudakis Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia,

Vicente Romero REDONDO ✿

Vicente Romero is a Spanish painter born in Madrid, Spain in 1956. He received his Bachelors degree for sculpture in 1982 at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid.

Pierre CARRIER-BELLEUSE (1851-1932) ~ Pierrot and the Dancer ✿

Pierre-Gérard Carrier-Belleuse (Parigi,1851- Parigi, 1932) è stato un pittore francese noto soprattutto come pittore delle ballerine dell'Opera.

Auguste LEROUX (1871-1954) ~ Ballet Dancer ✿

Jules Marie Auguste Leroux was a french painter and illustrator. Born in Paris in 1871 and he was a student of Bonnat. He won the Grand Prix de Rome in 1894.

Léon COMERRE (1850-1916) ~ Ballerina ✿

Léon François Comerre (1850-1916) was a French Orientalist Academic painter, famous for his portraits of beautiful women. Comerre was born in Trélon, in the Département du Nord, the son of a schoolteacher. He moved to Lille with his family in 1853. From an early age he showed an interest in art and became a student of Alphonse Colas at the École des Beaux-Arts in Lille, winning a gold medal in 1867.