William McGregor PAXTON ✿

William McGregor Paxton (1869 – 1941) was an American painter and instructor who embraced the Boston School paradigm and was a co-founder of The Guild of Boston Artists. He taught briefly while a student at Cowles Art School, where he met his wife Elizabeth Okie Paxton, and at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston.

Julius HÜBNER (1806-1882) ✿

Julius Benno Hübner (1806 -1882) was a German historical painter of the Düsseldorf school of painting. He was also known as a poet and the father of Emil Hübner, a distinguished classical scholar.

William John LEECH ✿

William John Leech (1881-1968) was an Irish Impressionist painter, born in Dublin. He went to school at St Columba's College, Dublin in Rathfarnham, later studying at the Metropolitan School. He later transferred to the Royal Hibernian Academy and studied under Walter Osborne. In 1903, Leech left Dublin for Paris, where he would fall in love with the French landscape.


Oreste Cortazzo (Rome, 1836-1910, Paris) was an Italian-born French painter, graphic artist and illustrator, born in Rome. Oreste Cortazzo was a pupil of Léon Bonnat and spent most of his career in France as a painter of historical and genre scenes, many of which were produced on commission for the art dealer Adolphe Goupil.

Georges ROUSSIN ✿

Georges Roussin (1854-1941) was a French accademic painter, was born in Saint-Denis (Reunion Island). Son of Antoine Louis Roussin (1819-1894) painter, lithographer and photographer, he began painting at the Saint-Denis high school, where his father was a drawing teacher.

Achille BELTRAME ✿

Achille Beltrame (Arzignano, March 19, 1871 - Milan, February 19, 1945) was an Italian illustrator and painter who designed the covers of the weekly magazine La Domenica del Corriere from 1899 to 1944.

Virginia Tomescu SCROCCO ✿

Virginia Tomescu Scrocco (Bucarest, 1886 - Tivoli, 1950) pittrice italiana nasce a Bucarest in Romania da una famiglia agiata, e all’età di diciassette anni si reca a Parigi per iscriversi all’Accademia d’Arte Julien fondata dal pittore Rodolphe Julien. L’Impressionismo, il Pointillisme, il Divisionismo profondamente sulla sua impostazione di pittrice.

Aleksandr KRYUSHYN, 1982 ✿

Aleksandr Kryushyn is a Ukrainian painter was born in 1982 in Kerch (Crimea, Ukraine). He studied at the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In his work, Alexandr combines the traditions of the European school of painting with a bright author's emotional manner of implementation.