Laurent BOTELLA ~ Pastel ✿

Laurent Botella is a French pastellist, born in 1974 in Nantes. His apprenticeship in painting began in 1989 in the Aussonne Maïthé Rovino studio, followed by a year of Fine Arts in Toulouse. The work focused on oil painting and pastel. Charcoal and pencil work has always been the basis of his before and after school work.
Inspired by the impressionists and the sketches of the great Italian masters, his painting is spontaneous and structured. The compositions and colors are studied to highlight the subject. The unfinished treatment of backgrounds and effects of light directs towards the expressions, attitudes and emotions of the characters. His goal is to give an impression of life in his paintings.
Technique is essential for him. The implementation is quick and without hesitation. In the early stages the work is structured by the light of the way in which an academic drawing is made. It is for this reason that most of the construction lines still appear in some places, in his completed works. The final painting is a figure that comes out of a drawing. In 2009 he became a member of "Art du Pastel en France" and again in the same year he resumed the intensive work of oil painting.

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