Ivan Grozdanovski is a self-taught painter from Vršac, Serbia. He regards himself as a painter of light who always tries to fit into his own life and the nature that surrounds it. His preferred motifs are landscape, still life, science fiction, and his most commonly used techniques include water colours, pastels, acrylic and oil.
He held his solo exhibition in 1997 in Šid, after which he regularly participates in various local exhibitions in Serbia, as well as abroad. His most recent exhibition took place in palace Galia Gravedona in Lago di Como in Italy. Many of his paintings are award-winning and collected by private collectors worldwide.
His paintings are distributed throughout the world, with private collectors from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, France, Japan, Greece, Germany, England, Russia, Canada, United States of America and Australia.

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