Friedrich HEYSER (1857-1921) ✿

anche l’unico
canto libero d'Ophelia
lasciami sfumare così
d'infiorata follia
in assolo fato
che mi trascina via...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Friedrich Wilhelm Theodor Heyser was a German painter from Gnoien/Dresden. He began studying at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts under Leon Pohle and Paul Mohn. After initially spending three years in Dresden, he attended the Kunsthochschule in Karlsruhe and then the Académie Julian in Paris. After completing his studies Heyser devoted himself mainly to portraits and historical paintings. Among the portrayed were numerous prominent figures such as Prince Regent Albrecht of Braunschweig, Prince Albrecht of Prussia and Prince Johann Georg of Saxony. In addition, Heyser created genre pictures, whose representations were based on German poetry, for example, "The Fisherman" after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1886).
Friedrich Heyser was a member of the association of the German Art Cooperative and a member of the artist group Grün-Weiß, which was opposed to the conservative perception of art. The name of the group was derived from the colours of Saxony and formed a progressive association within the Dresden art co-operative. Apart from Heyser, Max Frey, Josef Goller, Georg Jahn, Walther Illner, Georg Lührig and Max Pietschmann were also members of the group. In his last creative phase, Heyser finally started painting landscapes, such as the island of Föhr and Friesland.

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