Ernest HÉBERT (1817-1908) ✿

Antoine Auguste Ernest Hébert (1817-1908) was a French painter and academic. He was born in Grenoble and died in La Tronche. His painting Mal'aria was exhibited in the Salon of 1850-1851, and now hangs in the Musée d'Orsay, Paris. Painted in a Romantic style, it depicts a family of Italian peasants escaping an epidemic by raft, a scene inspired by events Hébert had witnessed while in Italy.His student Paul Trouillebert was an important artist of the Barbizon School. The artist's house is preserved in the Musée Hébert in the VIe arrondissement of Paris. There is another museum near Grenoble.
Two Odalisques Contemplating The Bosphorus -1843 -

Mosaïque de l'abside du Panthéon de Paris

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