Paul VAN GINKEL ~ Flamenco Dance ✿

Paul Van Ginkel is a Canadian painter who was born in 1960 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Paul is specializing in Western and Dance themes. He moved with his family to Calgary, Alberta in 1973. In search of change and new stimulation he then moved to Vancouver, B.C., in 1996, however, returned to Calgary in 2001.
Prior to earning a Master of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University in New York, Paul was educated at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary. After working as an illustrator for 6 years, he’s been a fine art painter since 1990.
Part of Paul’s growth as an artist has come from extended painting trips to major art centres including New York, Italy, Australia, Mexico and Santa Fe. He also continues to travel the globe in search of new artistic stimulation while expanding his vast archive of photographic reference material (including a recent trip to Seville and Madrid to research Flamenco culture).

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