Frank Markham SKIPWORTH (1854-1929) ✿

Frank Markham Skipworth (1854 in Castor, Lincolnshire-1929 in London) was an English  painter specialized in portrait and also genre and historical subjects. He studied for two years at the Lincoln School of Art, then under Edward Poynter at the Royal Academy Schools for three years and became a pupil of Adolphe William Bouguereau in Paris.

Frank Markham Skipworth (1854 a Castor, Lincolnshire – 1929 a Londra) è stato un pittore inglese specializzato in ritratti e soggetti di genere e storici. Ha studiato per due anni alla Lincoln School of Art, poi sotto Edward Poynter alla Royal Academy Schools per tre anni ed è diventato allievo di Adolphe William Bouguereau a Parigi.

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