Geskel SALOMAN (1821-1902) ✿

Geskel Saloman (1821-1902) was a Danish/Swedish portrait and genre painter. Born and educated in Denmark, he settled in Sweden in 1850 and became professor at the Stockholm Art Academy. Soloman was one of the Bedřich Smetana's closest friends and painter of one of the three existing portraits of the founder of the Czech national music, then only 34 years old.
Geskel Saloman (born Solomon) was the son of merchant Isak Soloman, who later became cantor of the Jewish community in Copenhagen (1782-1848), and Veilchen Geskel (1787-1836).

When his parents moved to Copenhagen, he entered the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, where he won the 1846 small silver medal. He was a pupil of Johan Ludwig Lund and has exhibited since 1843, among them the painter Conrad Christian Bøhndel portrait and Thomas Overskou portrait for which he won the Neuhausenske Præmier in 1848.

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