Serguei ZLENKO, 1960 ✿

Serguei Zlenko (Сергей Зленко) is a Georgian painter, born in Republic of Georgia in 1960. Serguei Zlenko graduated first from the Russian Art Academy’s Art School, and later received a Bachelor and Masters of Fine Art from the Moscow Surikov Art Academy.

Anatolio SCIFONI (1841-1884) ✿

Anatolio Scifoni (Florence,1841 - Rome, 1884) was an Italian painter of Neo-Pompeian themes from ancient Greece and Rome.

Vicente Romero REDONDO, 1956 ✿

Vicente Romero Redondo è un pittore spagnolo nato a Madrid, Spagna nel 1956. Ha conseguito la laurea in scultura nel 1982 presso la Facoltà di Belle Arti di San Fernando a Madrid.

Pauline DOHN (1865-1934) ✿

Pauline Amalie Dohn Rudolph (1865-1934) was one of Chicago's most important women artists at the turn of the century. The daughter of a musician, she studied in Chicago at the Art Institute, in Philadelphia under Thomas Eakins, and in Paris and the Netherlands with Boulanger, Lefebvre, and Lazar.


Peter Seminck is a Flemish painter, born in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1958, his philosophy regarding the Arts is based on simplicity both in subjects and themes and in the way of representing reality or at least its perception of it using realism like his style of him.

Soey MILK, 1989 ✿

California-based and Korean-born Soey Milk is one of the young artists who has already made a name for herself not only in the United States but in the international art world. She was born in 1989 in Seoul, Korea.

Arvid NYHOLM (1866-1927) ✿

Arvid Frederick Nyholm (1866-1927) was a Swedish-American artist, known primarily as a portrait and landscape. Anders Zorn, his former teacher in Sweden, often turned portrait commissions his way.

Vladimir GUSEV, 1957 ✿

Vladimir Gusev (Владимир Гусев) is a remarkable Russian painter, born in the Moscow region in 1957. He is a member of the Federation of Professional Union of Artists in Russia and is considered one of the most talented Russian artists. He studied in Art School and Main Art Institute of Vl. Surikov in Moscow.

Angel Ramiro SANCHEZ, 1974 ✿

Angel Ramiro Sanchez is a Venezuelan painter, was born in 1974 in Maracaibo, Venezuela. At age six was accepted with full scholarship into the Instituto the Niños Cantores del Zulia, school for musically gifted children. At age fourteen he began five years of apprenticeship with the realist painter, Abdon J. Romero, an eminent specialist in murals for churches and public buildings.

Alan AYERS ~ Book Covers for Romance ✿

Alan Ayers is an award-winning cover artist for romance novels in the historical category by Romance Writers of America's network of published authors. Born in Gainesville, Florida, he graduated from Temple University's Tyler School of Art with a BFA in 1981.

Chakrabhand POSAYAKRIT (จักรพันธุ์ โปษยกฤต) ✿

Chakrabhand Posayakrit (จักรพันธุ์ โปษยกฤต) is the most respecter Thai painter and portraitist, features the famous traditional Thai dance theme and Thai literature scene paintings. He was born in 1943 in Bangkok, Thailand.


Sergio Martinez Cifuentes is a Chilean-Spanish dual citizenship, born in Santiago, Chile in 1966. while still a child, known for his drawings, which together with its stark poetry and musical compositions begin to structure your profile adolescent romantic and existentialist.

Arsen KURBANOV, 1969 ✿

Arsen Kurbanov (Арсен Курбанов) is a contemporary Figurative Russian Painter, was born in 1969 in Makhachkala, Russia in 1969.

Gustave POETZSCH (Swiss, 1870-1950) ✿

Gustave POETZSCH (Swiss, 1870-1950) was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland and went to Paris to perfect his artistic apprenticeship and entered the studio of Gustave Moreau (1826-1898), the same one frequented by Matisse and the future Fauves. He was the husband of Marie-Louise Aulagne, renowned milliner of the Faubourg Saint-Honore.

Richard Edward MILLER (1875-1943) ✿

Richard E. Miller (1875-1943) è stato un pittore impressionista americano e membro della Giverny Colony of American Impressionists. Miller era principalmente un pittore figurativo, noto per i suoi dipinti di donne in interni o ambienti esterni.


Gustave POETZSCH (Swiss, 1870-1950) was born in Neuchâtel in Switzerland. He came to Paris in 1892 and enrolled at the School of Fine Arts. He then studied in the workshops of Luc Olivier Merson and Gustave Moreau with the likes of Henri Matisse, Charles Camoin and Paul de Frick.

Slava KOROLENKOV, 1958 ✿

Slava Korolenkov (Вячеслав Короленков) is a Russian Impressionist painter, born in 1958 in the small city Tula in the Moscow region. Before entering art college he studies drawing and sculpture. After graduating from the Art College he was accepted into the Moscow Art and Industry Academy named after Stroganov.

Nancy BOREN ✿

Nancy Boren is a American artist, born in 1955, Texas. Nancy Boren’s first painting, a watercolor, was done at age 12 while sitting next to her artist father, James Boren, as he painted at the Grand Canyon. Sunlit figures, both Western and otherwise, are Nancy’s favorite subjects, although she also enjoys plein air landscape painting and the occasional still life. She is especially inspired by color and pattern.

Mitsuru ICHIKAWA 市川光鶴 ✿

Mitsuru ichikawa 市川光鶴 is a Japanese artist, born in Aichi Prefecture. She has been aspiring to be a painter since he was a child, and has been exhibiting mainly at group public exhibitions. He completed the oil painting course at Musashino Art University Graduate School of Art and Design. Currently, an associate member of the Independent Art Association.

Natale SCHIAVONI (1777-1858) ✿

Natale Schiavoni (1777-1858) è stato un pittore e incisore italiano. Dotato di notevole talento naturale, dopo gli esordi da autodidatta a Chioggia, sia come disegnatore che come incisore, entrò in contatto con gli abati Angelo Bottari, Giuseppe Olivi e Stefano Chiereghin.

Heide PRESSE, 1958 ✿

Heide E. Presse is a German artist (lives in America) was born in Heidelberg in 1958. Heide’s maternal grandfather was an architect and artist in Germany, and when she received the award at the age of 14 as the best artist in her class, it became clear that Heide, like her grandfather, would be engaged in painting.

Felix VALLOTTON (1865-1925) ✿

Félix Edouard Vallotton (1865-1925) was a Swiss/French painter and printmaker associated with Les Nabis. He was an important figure in the development of the modern woodcut.

Henri Joseph THOMAS (Belgian, 1878-1972) ✿

Henri Joseph Thomas (1878-1972) è stato un pittore, scultore e incisore belga di genere, ritratti e nature morte della scuola belga, Bruxelles, Belgio.

Henri MARTIN (1860-1943) ✿

Henri-Jean-Guillaume Martin (1860-1943) è stato un pittore impressionista francese. Figlio di un'ebanista di Tolosa, studiò presso Jules Garipuy nell'Accademia d'arte di Tolosa. Si trasferì a Parigi entrando nell'École des Beaux-Arts.

William Clarke WONTNER (1857-1930) ✿

William Clarke Wontner (1857-1930) was an English portrait painter steeped in Academic Classicism and Romanticism. Wontner was born in Stockwell, Surrey, the son of the architect, designer and renderer William Hoff Wontner (1814-1881) and Catherine Smith.

Victor Jacques RENAULT DES GRAVIERS (1816-1904) ✿

Victor Jacques Renault des Graviers (1816-1904) was french painter, genre scenes, born in Fontenay-le-Fleury, France. Renault des Graviers was a pupil of Delaroche, Waschmuth and Vernet. He made his debut at the 1848 Paris Salon and was a member of the Society of French Artists.


Artem Rogowoi (Артем Роговой) is a Ukrainian figurative painter, born in 1988 in the Kharkov region. In 2004 he entered the Kharkov Art Academy, and in 2008 he graduated from the class. Participant of numerous exhibitions. Participated in the restoration and restoration of the church in Belgorod region, Russia.

Arthur HACKER (1858-1919) ✿

Arthur Hacker RA (1858-1919) was an English classicist painter. In his art he was most known for painting religious scenes and portraits, and his art was also influenced by his extensive travels in Spain and North Africa.

Franz ROHRBECK (1852-1919) ~ Odalisque ✿

Franz Edward Rohrbeck (1852-1919) was an American artist, of Milwaukee, known for his murals in courthouses and other government buildings. He was born in Berlin, Germany. He graduated from the Berlin Art Academy and emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1885.

Wilfrid Gabriel DE GLEHN (1870-1951) ✿

Wilfrid Gabriel de Glehn RA (1870-1951) fu un pittore impressionista britannico di paesaggi, figure e ritratti, eletto alla Royal Academy nel 1932. De Glehn esporrà le proprie opere prima a Roma nel 1894 e poi a Parigi nel 1895; fu anche eletto Associato della Société des Artistes Français.Espose per la prima volta alla Royal Academy nel 1896. Riconosciuto per il suo stile pittorico diretto, i colori vibranti e la capacità di catturare effetti di luce scintillanti e sensuali.

Henri MATISSE (1869-1954) ~ Odalisque ✿

Henri Émile Benoît Matisse (1869-1954) was a French artist, known for both his use of colour and his fluid and original draughtsmanship. He was a draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor.

Stephen PAN ✿

Chinese artist Stephen Pan/ 潘仲武 was born in Shanghai in 1963. Pan was five, when his grandfather, famous for calligraphy and poetry, Bo Yin Pan, gave him the first lessons in drawing and painting.


Spanish painter Pablo Segarra Chias, was born in 1945 in Seville. At the age of seven, he created his first oil painting on canvas. His father allowed him to use a chair from a local tavern as an easel and it was there that he sold his first work.

Douglas HOFMANN (1945) ✿

Douglas Hofmann is american artist, born in Baltimore in 1945 and educated at the Maryland Institute College of Art it was here that he was taught the techniques of the old masters by Joseph Sheppard. He graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree.

Zsigmond VAJDA (1860-1931) ✿

Zsigmond VAJDA (1860-1931) was a hungarian painter. He studied at the Budapest School of Design from 1878. His masters were Bertalan Székely and Károly Lotz. He later trained in Munich as a student of Gyula Benczúr.

Karl Wilhelm WACH (1787-1845) ✿

Karl Wilhelm WACH (1787-1845) was a German painter. He was a pupil of Carl Kretschmar in Berlin from 1797 to 1804, then he attended the studio of Jacques-Louis David in Paris from 1815 to 1817. From 1817 to 1819 he was in Rome, where he studied Raphael's work.

Charles LANDELLE (1821-1908) ✿

Charles LANDELLE (1821-1908) was a French painter who specialized in portraits. He is best known for his Orientalist works. He had his first exhibit at the Salon in 1841. His works came to the attention of King Louis-Philippe and he was awarded a medal.