Mitsuru ICHIKAWA 市川光鶴 ✿

Mitsuru ichikawa 市川光鶴 is a Japanese artist, born in Aichi Prefecture. She has been aspiring to be a painter since he was a child, and has been exhibiting mainly at group public exhibitions. He completed the oil painting course at Musashino Art University Graduate School of Art and Design. Currently, an associate member of the Independent Art Association.
The main theme of the voyage at night is the concept of Jung's psychology in which the soul dies once in the night, the soul is purified by dreaming, and reborn in the morning. It is produced with the prayer that night and morning, life and death should be the same. She often use the technique of "shaving out" to express an image that purifies the soul.
Depending on the work, there are many works that scratch the various colors that have been applied in multiple layers and flicker on the surface and express the shine of the soul by overlapping complex colors such as rainbow colors. She wants to draw a story of the soul that is repeated by drawing women who can live life.

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