Heide PRESSE, 1958 ✿

Heide E. Presse is a German artist (lives in America) was born in Heidelberg in 1958. Heide’s maternal grandfather was an architect and artist in Germany, and when she received the award at the age of 14 as the best artist in her class, it became clear that Heide, like her grandfather, would be engaged in painting.
Heide soon entered the State University. Stephen F. Austin in Nakodoches, Texas, and graduating in 1980, received a bachelor of art degree in graphic design. Heide Presse currently lives with her husband and son in Tampa, Florida.
Heide loves to study 19th century history and applied art, and in order to give his work historical authenticity, Heide herself sews quilts and retro-style clothing accessories. The artist specifically collects antique antiques, which subsequently form the basis of her work, and her studio is home to chests, ceramics, baskets, textiles, lanterns and various items from the mid-19th century.
The artist is impressed to depict on her canvases everyday moments of the life of ordinary people, using rich colors and bright light. Technique watercolor, oil. Heide believes that thanks to her paintings, she opens a window into the past for the audience.

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