Spanish painter Pablo Segarra Chias, was born in 1945 in Seville. At the age of seven, he created his first oil painting on canvas. His father allowed him to use a chair from a local tavern as an easel and it was there that he sold his first work.
Local craftsmen taught him to use oil, turpentine, varnish and a mixture of them, from time to time supplying him with brushes, canvases and oil paints, marveled at his natural abilities at such a young age. At 13, Pablo got a job at a local cemetery, retouching photographs of the dead before restoring the headstones. At 18 he entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Seville, founded in 1660 by the great master Murillo.

He studied the methods of the masters of the past and the knowledge gained helped him develop his own style. A true love for classical art originated under the influence of artists such as Murillo, Zurbarana, García Ramos, Gonzalo Bilbao and Gomez Gil. After completing his studies, he went to North Africa, namely Morocco, where he was absorbed in the traditions of the people of this country, which never ceased to amaze him with its secrets and exoticism.
Chais's paintings delight with flowers, characters' clothes and plots. His works are full of veiled beauty that always leaves room for imagination. Chais' themes make him one of the best "oriental" artists in the western world. The number of paintings is very limited due to the deep and meticulous work put into each one. He has been featured in his native Spain, United Arab Emirates, America and the United Kingdom.

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