Charles LANDELLE (1821-1908) ✿

Charles LANDELLE (1821-1908) was a French painter who specialized in portraits. He is best known for his Orientalist works. He had his first exhibit at the Salon in 1841. His works came to the attention of King Louis-Philippe and he was awarded a medal.
Soon, he became an official painter and received numerous state commissions. His portrait sitters also now came from a higher level of society. In 1852, Napoleon III bought several of his works and became a great admirer. Thanks to him, Landelle was awarded the Legion of Honor in 1855.
After voyages to North Africa and the Middle East in 1860, he produced a number of Orientalist works. He also visited Morocco in 1866, but went as part of an official delegation rather than as a painter.

In 1875, he went to Egypt and sailed the Nile with the explorer Auguste-Édouard Mariette. Every year after, he made painting trips to Algeria. He became known as the peintre des fellahs (painter of fellahs).
He later began a campaign to create an art museum in Laval, which he inaugurated in 1895, along with President Félix Faure. Today, it is known as the Musée des Sciences. The largest number of his works are in Laval, but may also be seen at the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles, Musée Ingres, Musée des beaux-arts de Reims, Musée de Grenoble and the Musée des beaux-arts de Rouen.

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