Slava KOROLENKOV, 1958 ✿

Slava Korolenkov (Вячеслав Короленков) is a Russian Impressionist painter, born in 1958 in the small city Tula in the Moscow region. Before entering art college he studies drawing and sculpture. After graduating from the Art College he was accepted into the Moscow Art and Industry Academy named after Stroganov.
Slava graduated with honors and became a member of the Artists Union of Russia. As his biggest influence he considers famous Rusian artists M. Vrubel, Valentin Serov, Konstantin Korovin as well as French impressionists.

His works are in private collections in Japan, America, Germany, France and other countries. Since 2012 Slava regularly conducts master classes in Moscow, as well as open-air training in other parts of Russia and abroad. Lives and works in Moscow.

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