Muriel BARCLAY ~ Ballet ✿

Muriel Barclay è una pittrice scozzese contemporanea che ha interesse a raffigurare figure all'interno di contesti del XXI secolo. Muriel Barclay si avvicina alla sua pittura con dinamismo e fisicità energica, una risposta diretta ai ballerini di danza che ritrae.

Hovsep PUSHMAN (1877-1966) ~ Contemplative Still Life ✿

Hovsep Pushman (1877-1966) an Armenian-born American painter best was known for his contemplative still lifes and sensitive portraits of women, often in exotic dress.

Hovsep PUSHMAN (1877-1966) ✿

Hovsep Pushman (1877-1966) was an American artist of Armenian background. He was known for his contemplative still lifes and sensitive portraits of women, often in exotic dress.

Louis PERREY ✿

Louis Justin Maurice Perrey (Born 1856)Was a french painter active/lived in France. Louis Perrey is known for Female figure, landscape painting.

Muriel BARCLAY ✿

Muriel Barclay is a Scottish contemporary painter who has an interest in depicting figures within twenty-first century contexts . Muriel Barclay approaches her painting with dynamism and energetic physicality, a direct response to the dancers she portrays.

Jean Pierre CASSIGNEUL ✿

Jean-Pierre Cassigneul is a French painter known for his serene portraits of women in hats that recall the French Post-Impressionist avant-garde, including the works of Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard.

Eugène ASSEZAT DE BOUTEYRE (1864-1942) ✿

Charles Louis Eugène Assezat de Bouteyre (1864-1942), was a French painter. Son of an attorney general of Clermont-Ferrand, pupil of William Bouguereau, Gabriel Ferrier and RobertFleury, he obtained in 1892 an honorable mention in the exhibition of French artists of which he was a member.

Gustave Jean JACQUET (1846-1909) ✿

Gustave Jacquet (Paris, 1846-Paris, 1909) was a French painter. Gustave Jean Jacquet is known as the painter of female portraits and, much less, of historical scenes. He was a pupil of William Bouguereau, and made his debut at the "Salon" of 1865 where he exhibited 'The Reverie' which was very much in his master's style.

Ted NUTTALL ~ Watercolour ✿

Ted Nuttall is a Figurative Watercolour painter, a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Western Federation of Watercolor Societies, San Diego Watercolor Society and enjoys Master Signature Status with both the Transparent Watercolor Society of America and Watercolor West

Osman HAMDI BEY (1842-1910) ✿

Osman Hamdi Bey /Օսման Համդի Բեյ (Istanbul, 1842-1910) was the most important Turkish painter and archaeologist of the 19th century. He trained in Paris under Jean-Léon Gérôme and upon his return to Turkey fulfilled various cultural positions before instituting and becoming the Director of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Pascale TAURUA ✿

French fashion artist Pascale-Miria Taurua is painting since her young age. She was born in New Caledonia and went to Art School in Tahiti. After leaving there for a few years she went to Paris and then the South of France where she lives in both places since 2006.


Tim Okamura is a  contemporary Canadian artist known for his depiction of subjects who are African-American (and of other people of color) in urban settings, and for his combination of graffiti and realism. He was born in 1968 in Edmonton, Alberta. His work has been featured in several major motion pictures and in London's National Portrait Gallery. He was also one of several artists to be shortlisted in 2006 for a proposed portrait of Queen Elizabeth of England.


Edward Pustovoitov (Эдуард Пустовойтов) is a Ukrainian fantasy and surrealist painter. He was born in 1964 in Makeyevka, Ukraine. He gained the Designer’s qualification at Odessa Institute of theatrical and artistic studies.


Sasha Bassari is a Russian Gentle Surrealist painter, was born in Gorkij, Russia in 1963. In 1982 he graduated from the School of Art in his native city. In 1991 Sasha graduated from the Art College named after world famous sculptor V.I. Mukhina in St.Petersburg, Russia. From 1992 he is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Ricardo Fernandez ORTEGA ~ Surrealist ✿

Ricardo Fernandez Ortega is a Surrealist painter born in 1971 in Durango, Mexico. The surreal paintings by Ortega invites us to travel to another time, his style reminds us of the greatest classical masters, however, his painting is modern.

The Lady of Shalott ~ John William Waterhouse, 1888 ✿

And down the river's dim expanse
Like some bold seer in a trance,
Seeing all his own mischance
With glassy countenance
Did she look to Camelot.

Assolo di fantasia di Catherine La Rose

Se il nulla
mi resta accanto
notte fonda all'alba
ancora al fianco
come un segreto
faccio di me
una dolce prigione

Joan BRULL (Catalan, 1863-1912) ✿

Joan Brull i Vinyoles (1863-1912) è stato un pittore catalano nato a Barcellona, in Spagna. Era un pittore simbolista catalano, insieme ad altri artisti tra cui Adrià Gual, Josep Maria Tamburini e Alexandre de Riquer.

Eugene BEGARAT ✿

Eugène Bégarat is a post- impressionist painter in line with Seurat and Signac. He studied divisionism a lot, which is a true delight for the eyes. The warming of his palette reminds us of the fauvism trend.

Louis PICARD (1861-1940) ✿

Louis Picard is a French Symbolist painter of the end of the 19th who was born in 1861 in Paris. Louis was the brother of painter Georges Picard.


Lucia Heffernan is an artist design, born in Taiwan in 1966. Lucia learned to paint and draw from her mother, a watercolor artist and teacher. After graduating with honors from Binghamton University in Fine Arts and Design, she established LDD, a multi-million dollar award-winning design agency, at the start of the Internet boom.

Charles COURTNEY CURRAN (1861-1942) ✿

Charles COURTNEY CURRAN (1861-1942) was an American painter. He is best known for his canvases depicting women in various settings. Charles Curran's work is represented in numerous museum collections, and his outdoor paintings of youthful women have remained popular with individual collectors.

Aaron SHIKLER ~ Still life Flower ✿

Aaron Abraham Shikler (1922-2015) was an American artist noted for portraits of American statesmen, such as the official portrait of John F. Kennedy, and celebrities such as Jane Engelhard and Sister Parish.

Robin ISELY ~ Surreal Collages ✿

Robin Isely is a surreal and digital artist from San Francisco. His art moves between moves between surrealism, beauty and the grotesque, exploring the intersections of the human figures and animal nature.


Anna Razumovskaya (Анна Разумовская) is a Russian Impressionist and Figurative Artist. She is a graduate of the Russian State University For Arts, where she was awarded the distinction of high-class artist in 1991. Subsequently, she studied art in Germany, Belgium and Holland.

Gioacchino PASSINI ~ Realistic Flowers ✿

Gioacchino Passini prende una normale tela bianca e la trasforma in un enorme giardino di rose ricoperte di gocce di rugiada. I petali appaiono morbidi ed elastici, un effetto che è accentuato dalla brillante colorazione dei fiori.

Gioacchino PASSINI ~ Roses ✿

Gioacchino Passini is a italian hiperrealist painter and violinist, was born in Bologna (Italy) in 1956. He held is first one-man exhibition in his hometown, when he was 17. He continued to exhibit his works in solo and group exhibitions, parallel with his musical studies at the Conservatory of Bologna.

Joan BRULL (1863-1912) ✿

Joan Brull i Vinyoles (1863-1912) was a Catalan painter born in Barcelona, Spain. He was a Catalan symbolist painter, along with other artists including Adrià Gual, Josep Maria Tamburini, and Alexandre de Riquer.

James BAMA, 1926 ✿

James Elliott Bama (1926) è un artista americano noto per i suoi dipinti realistici e le incisioni di soggetti occidentali.


An Jing 安静 is a chinese figurative painter from Beijing (Pechino) who has studied in Capital Normal University and Oil Painting Academy of China Academy of Art, is a member of Beijing Municipal Art Association, a member of China Oil Painting Association, an honorary professor of Ukraine National Academy of Fine Arts, and a director of China-Russia Oil Painting Association.

Nydia LOZANO ✿

Nydia Lozano is a Spanish Impressionist painter, born in Alginet in 1947. Inspired by the work of the 19th century masters, Sargent, Sorolla and Zorn, and the continuing philosophy of the Valencia School, Nydia began portraying the female figure in her paintings.


Jantina Peperkamp is a self-taught artist from Holland, painting incredibly realistic portraits. In her works the final result is established by the energy that arises between the artist and the model. She was born in 1968 in The Netherlands where she currently lives and works alongside one of the scenic winding dikes characteristic of the country.

Gertrude FISKE (1878-1961) ✿

Gertrude Horsford Fiske (1878-1961) was an American Impressionist Painter of figure still life and landscape. Fiske was part of the Boston School of painters in the early 20th century. She was the first woman appointed to the Massachusetts State Art Commission in 1929.

Jose ROYO ~ Musica ✿

Jose ROYO pittore impressionista spagnolo nato a Valencia nel 1941. Ha iniziato presto a dimostrare il suo talento artistico, all'età di 9 anni. Quando Royo ha compiuto 14 anni è entrato alla San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts di Valencia.

Michael C. HAYES ✿

Viverti di più
avrei voluto
ma il mio orgoglio
l'amarti troppo
goccia a goccia dosarti...

~ Catherine La Rose©2021 ~