Sasha Bassari is a Russian Gentle Surrealist painter, was born in Gorkij, Russia in 1963. In 1982 he graduated from the School of Art in his native city. In 1991 Sasha graduated from the Art College named after world famous sculptor V.I. Mukhina in St.Petersburg, Russia. From 1992 he is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Sasha is of the same school as famous Russian artist Sergei Smirnov, who achieved global recognition for his angel-like figurative paintings. It is very difficult to name the style.
Enchanted Realism comes to mind, Naïve Surrealism is another option. We decided to call it Gentle Surrealism. Sasha lives and works in St. Petersburg. His works are exhibited in the museums of St. Petersburg and around the world.

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