Eugene BEGARAT ✿

Eugène Bégarat is a post- impressionist painter in line with Seurat and Signac. He studied divisionism a lot, which is a true delight for the eyes. The warming of his palette reminds us of the fauvism trend.
He was born in 1943 in Nice. In 1960, he started to study at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Nice and at the Beaux – Arts in Paris in 1964.
He then traveled for the first time to Venice and Murano. He came to Brittany and at studied the Pont Aven Painting School, and the Nabis (He got very influenced by Félix Valotton and Maurice Denis)
During this period, he traveled a lot to Italia, Morocco, Tunisia and Spain. In 1993, he settled for good in Provence, in the South of France. His work isn’t rigid, quite the opposite: characters, trees and the sea are moving.
This vivacity is due to the opposition of the primary colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and the binary colors: Green, Orange, purple, in pairs. Eugene BEGARAT is internationally renowned: he exhibits successfully and regularly in France and abroad (Switzerland, USA, Italy, Lebanon, and United Kingdom.)

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