Gioacchino PASSINI ~ Roses ✿

Gioacchino Passini is a italian hiperrealist painter and violinist, was born in Bologna (Italy) in 1956. He held is first one-man exhibition in his hometown, when he was 17. He continued to exhibit his works in solo and group exhibitions, parallel with his musical studies at the Conservatory of Bologna.
Buttressed by a careful technique, honed by exercise and by the continuing desire to outdo himself, the works of this artist knows to bring back an atmosphere of the Novecento
Gioacchino Passini takes an ordinary blank canvas and transforms it into a larger-than-life garden of dewdrop-covered roses. The petals appear soft and supple, an effect that is heightened by the flowers’ brilliant coloring.
Passini’s large-scale paintings not only offer audiences an in-depth look at the beauty of nature, but they’re also a way for the artist himself to explore the minute details that tower above him as he paints

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