Lucia Heffernan is an artist design, born in Taiwan in 1966. Lucia learned to paint and draw from her mother, a watercolor artist and teacher. After graduating with honors from Binghamton University in Fine Arts and Design, she established LDD, a multi-million dollar award-winning design agency, at the start of the Internet boom.
In 2000, Lucia moved to Utah, where her creative focus shifted from digital design to oil painting. She has won numerous local and national competitions and her work is widely collected throughout the western US. She is a member of Oil Painters of America and the Society of Animal Artists.
Lucia Heffernan believes laughter is the best medicine. Inspired by her love of animals, she creates whimsical, humorous and distinctive works of art in oil. Her imaginative works feature everything from monocled high-society ostriches to rabbits driving carrot cars and trench coat-wearing hound dog private eyes. By placing animals in uniquely human situations, Lucia paints a playful world where animals do everything we do.

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