Gertrude FISKE (1878-1961) ✿

Gertrude Horsford Fiske (1878-1961) was an American Impressionist Painter of figure still life and landscape. Fiske was part of the Boston School of painters in the early 20th century. She was the first woman appointed to the Massachusetts State Art Commission in 1929.
Fiske was known for her strong depictions of women in traditional scenes, such as women in interiors, with power, instead of gentility and fragility. She included both men and women in her compositions, used bold colors, and was well respected for her likeness of male artists.
She was able to translate light, movement, gesture, and nuance to the delight of the art critics surveying her work in the early years of the twentieth century. The multitude of awards and prize winnings garnered during her career speak volumes for how her work was received.

Gertrude FISKE (1878-1961) - Self-Portrait, 1922

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