William STRANG RA (1859-1921) ✿

William Strang RA (1859-1921) era un pittore e incisore scozzese, noto per illustrare le opere di Bunyan, Coleridge e Kipling. Strang ha prodotto una serie di dipinti, ritratti, figure di donne in paesaggi e gruppi di famiglie contadine, che sono stati esposti al Royal Academy, The International Society e diverse mostre tedesche.

William STRANG RA (Scottish, 1859-1921) ✿

William Strang RA (1859-1921) was a Scottish painter and printmaker, notable for illustrating the works of Bunyan, Coleridge and KiplingStrang produced a number of paintings, portraits, female figures in landscapes, and groups of peasant families, which were exhibited at the Royal Academy, The International Society, and several German exhibitions.

Giulio ROSATI (1858-1917) ~ Oriental Scene ✿

Giulio ROSATI (Italian, 1858-1917) ~ The Maghreb ✿

Giulio Rosati (italiano, 1858-1917) era un pittore italiano specializzato in scene orientali e accademiche.

Giulio ROSATI (Italian, 1858-1917) ✿

Giulio Rosati (1858-1917) was an Italian painter who specialized in Orientalist and academic scenes.

Thomas Edwin Mostyn (1864-1930) ~ Romantic Garden ✿

Thomas Edwin Mostyn (1864-1930) English painter. Born in Liverpool and raised in Manchester, He was the son of the artist Edwin Mostyn, studied at the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts.

Edwing LONG RA (1829-1891) ✿

Edwin Longsden Long RA (1829-1891, British) was the son of an artist and born in Bath, Somerset, England. Long was a portrait painter also known for his English genre and Orientalist works. Long went to London where he studied art at the British Museum. Afterwards, he travelled to Spain where he became influenced by the paintings of Velasquez. In 1874, he travelled to Syria and Egypt where he became interested in romantic oriental scenes.

Michelle TULLY (American, 1972) ✿

Nicole Michelle TULLY (American, b. 1972) is founding faculty of Studio Escalier, a private art school and art colony in France. She tutors students from all over the world in contemporary classical drawing and figure painting.

Michelle TULLY ~ Portrait Art ✿

Nicole Michelle TULLY (American, b. 1972) is founding faculty of Studio Escalier, a private art school and art colony in France. She tutors students from all over the world in contemporary classical drawing and figure painting.

Andrey BELLE, 1957 ✿

Andrey BELLE/ Aндрей Белле was born in 1957 in Minsk, Bielorussia. Belle produces figurative paintings mainly of women and Stille lifes. His work are filled with emotion, beauty, sensuality and refinement. Concerned with the links and contradictions between the past -nostalgic and fragile- and the present -fresh and vibrant-, he opposes them whilst at the same time creating a perfect harmony.

Andrey BELLE ✿

Andrey Belle/ Aндрей Белле è un'artista figurativo che nasce nel 1957 a Minsk, Bielorussia. Nel 1993 si è laureato dal VI Mukhina Arts and Design College. Nel 1990 si unisce al gruppo artistico "Mitki".  Nel 2003 ottiene il grado di "master" in termini del progetto "Master-class" di San Pietroburgo, organizzato da MB Piotrovskiy.

ALejandro ROSEMBERG ~ Art ✿

ALejandro ROSEMBERG is an Argentinian artist Born in Córdoba, in 1981. Alejandro attended The National University of Cordoba, where he obtained a degree in Fine Arts, at the same time forming himself with master Claudio Bogino in the classical method of painting based on the tradition of the great Italian masters. He furthered his education on color under Graydon Parrish, at the Grand Central Academy of New York.

Andratuttobene ~ Catherine La Rose

Dietro questa pandemia
la solitudine nostra
che ci ha preso il respiro...
E sarà ipocondria di certo
dell'ansia che viene e va
e ci tira via...

Francois FRESSINIER - Art ✿

Abel Dominique BOYE (French, 1864-1934) ✿

Allégresse, 1899 Oil on Canvas

Abel Dominique BOYE (1864-1934) ✿

L'eau courante, 1900 Oil on canvas
Abel-Dominique Boyé (1864-1934) French painter, born in Marmande.

Wladyslaw Czachorski (Polish, 1850-1911) ✿

Andrew Tischler (Australian Artist, 1983) ✿

Resta l'incanto
del sé e del ma
sembra infinito
un cielo in viaggio astratto
senza orizzonte...

~ Catherine La Rose©2020 ~

Izumi Kogahara / 古河 原 泉

Izumi Kogahara, 1979

Ci son silenzi poi
silenzi che baciano
le tue labbra con le mie...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Jean Gouweloos (Belgian,1865-1943)

Jean Gouwloos (1865-1943) belgian impressionist painter. Like his brother Charles, was educated at the Brussels academy. Initially he worked as a lithographer, but he increasingly focused on painting landscapes, marines and figures. Between 1914 and 1918 he lived in the Netherlands, including Domburg. His interiors with elegant women were particularly successful, lost in thought or immersed in small, everyday activities. An important role in this is played by the light that he 'caught' in broad, loose brushstrokes. Most major Belgian museums have his works.

Josef KOTE ✿

D'un pensiero e d'un oasi di silenzio... ~ Catherine La Rose

Senza mai, dire basta ~ Catherine La Rose

Quanto ti vorrei
danzare per me
sull'origine del mondo dipintomi

Maledetta nostalgia ~ Catherine La Rose

Ci son parole
parole che
non vogliono esprimere
l'esatta distanza tra noi...

Henri REGNAULT (1843-1871) ✿

Salomé, 1870 detail

John MEYER ~ Love Scene ✿

Norman LINDSAY (1879-1969) Australian ✿

Pascale CHOVE, 1963 ✿

French painter Pascal Chove was born in Paris. He studies at the applied arts school Ecole des Arts Appliques Duperre in Paris. Until 1986, he painted numerous murals n Paris and rest of France; following this period he decided to focus exclusively on easel painting. Since 1997, Pascal Chove has shown his works at numerous international exhibitions; America, Mexico, Holland, Belgium, Japan, Corea etc.

Valentine Cameron PRINSEP (1838-1904) ✿ Part.2

At the First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades Away, 1897 detail

Valentine Cameron PRINSEP (1838-1904) ✿

Valentine Cameron "Val" Prinsep RA (1838-1904)
was a British painter of the Pre-Raphaelite school.

Ken HOWARD ~ Beach Scene ✿

J. HUNSUNG 정훈성 ~ Watercolor ✿

Jung Hun-sung (정훈성) Watercolor painter from South Korea. Seoul.

Tadeusz STYKA (1889-1954) ✿

Tadeusz Styka ~ Orpheus, 1908 detail

Pieter WAGEMANS, 1948 ✿

Tade STYKA (1889-1954) ✿

Tadeusz (Tade) Styka (1889-1954) Polish/ American portrait painter, the eldest son of the painter Jan Styka (1858-1925). Tadeusz started drawing at the age of four, and took his first lessons in painting from his father.

Georgy KURASOV ✿

Georgy Kurasov / Георгий Курасов is a Cubist painter.
He was born in 1958 in the USSR, in what was then Leningrad. He still lives and works in the same place, but now the country is Russia and the city is called St Petersburg.

Claire SAYERS ✿

Claire Sayers is a contemporary artist living and working in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. Claire believes art should evoke emotion, and attempts to convey uplifting and positive inspiration through her work. She working with mixed media, oil, acrylic and watercolour on canvas.

Samuel Melton Fisher (1859-1939) ✿

Samuel Melton Fisher (1859-1939) British impressionist Victorian artist.

Greg LAHTI ✿

Greg Lahti is a artist in the Little Rock area. His oil paintings possess a narrative quality, likely attributed to his many years working behind the scenes in theater. He has helped design, build, and paint productions with the Arkansas Art Center Children’s Theater, and has also contributed to several programs at The Rep, and The Opera at Wildwood Park for the Arts.

Michel OGIER ✿ Part.2

George ROCHEGROSSE (1859-1938) ~ The Harem ✿

Georges Antoine Rochegrosse (1859-1938) was a French historical and decorative painter. He was born at Versailles and studied in Paris with Jules Joseph Lefebvre and Gustave Clarence Rodolphe Boulanger.