Edwing LONG RA (1829-1891) ✿

Edwin Longsden Long RA (1829-1891, British) was the son of an artist and born in Bath, Somerset, England. Long was a portrait painter also known for his English genre and Orientalist works. Long went to London where he studied art at the British Museum. Afterwards, he travelled to Spain where he became influenced by the paintings of Velasquez. In 1874, he travelled to Syria and Egypt where he became interested in romantic oriental scenes.

Long produced a number of very large canvasses with biblical scenes which made him a wealthy high profile artist. Their appeal is somewhat difficult for us to understand in the more secular world we live in today. Long became a full Academician in 1881. He died suddenly of pnuemonia in 1891, his reputation quickly declined. The major collector of his work was Merton Russell-Cotes. See our section about the Russell-Cotes Gallery.

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