Tadeusz STYKA (1889-1954) ✿

Tadeusz Styka ~ Orpheus, 1908 detail

Tadeusz (Tade) Styka (1889-1954) Polish/ American painter and portraitist, the eldest son of the painter Jan Styka (1858-1925). Tadeusz started drawing at the age of four, and took his first lessons in painting from his father. Everyone said that the boy is growing up as a child prodigy. Having moved to Paris in 1900 and proud of his son’s talent, Ian Joint began to send his works to Parisian galleries. From the age of eleven, Tadeusz began to receive first prizes at exhibitions in prestigious art galleries. In the same 1900, the young man entered the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. Together with his father, Tadeusz made sketches for the unrealized panorama “The Battle of Grunwald”. In France, the Joint married, the wife of Doris gave him a daughter, Vanda. In 1929, Tadeusz emigrated with his family to the United States.

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