William STRANG RA (Scottish, 1859-1921) ✿

William Strang RA (1859-1921) was a Scottish painter and printmaker, notable for illustrating the works of Bunyan, Coleridge and KiplingStrang produced a number of paintings, portraits, female figures in landscapes, and groups of peasant families, which were exhibited at the Royal Academy, The International Society, and several German exhibitions.

He painted a decorative series of scenes from the story of Adam and Eve for the library of a Wolverhampton landowner named Hodson. His method gives qualities of delicate modelling and refined form and gradations akin to the drawings of Hans Holbein the Younger. He drew portraits in this manner of many members of the Order of Merit for the royal library at Windsor Castle.

Strang was also elected an associate engraver of the Royal Academy when that degree was revived in 1906. William Strang was master of the Art Workers Guild in 1907.
Strang also ventured into literature, creating "Death and the Ploughman's Wife", an illustrated ballad in 1888. He also wrote short stories but these were not published.

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