John MEYER ~ Love Scene ✿

John Meyer è un pittore e illustratore freelance sudafricano, nato nel 1942.
Meyer è considerato la figura di spicco del movimento iperrealista nell'Africa meridionale.

John Meyer is a South African painter and freelance illustrator , born in 1942.
Meyer is regarded as the leading figure in the Hyper-Realist movement in Southern Africa. Decidedly contemporary in his unique vision and a proponent of modernism in all its guises, Meyer has a considered commitment to representational painting. Concerned with the complexities of visual perception and their solutions, his paintings are not mere representations of existing places and things, but exist as indelible retrospection, like total recall. He has exhibited extensively in South African and abroad specialising in landscapes and portraits (including portraits of Nobel laureates Nelson Mandela and FW De Klerk and concert pianist Vladimir Horowitz) in a photo-realist style. More recently he describes his work as falling into what he terms a "narrative genre" where paintings are often part of a series (usually three to six) of chronological scenes.

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