Eugène JANSSON ✿

Michael VAN ZEYL ✿

Abraham SAAKIAN ✿

Abraham SAAKIAN armenian artist born in Yerevan in 1964, Saakian studied in the School Of Arts in Yerevan, majoring in painting. His studies continued at the State Institute of Theatrical and Painting Art of Yerevan. Since 1992 to 1993, hehas been a teacher of art. His work has been exhibited in Moscow, Bulgaria, Syria, Israel, Paris, Canada, Holland and Germany. He is a professor at the State Academy of Arts in Armenia.

Charles SPRAGUE PEARCE (1851-1914) ✿ Part.2

”Il suo silenzio è il mio...
Le parole non dette hanno il peso sconcertante del nostro silenzio.”
~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Charles SPRAGUE PEARCE (1851-1914) ✿

”La solitudine è pesare il vuoto del silenzio”
~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Jimmy LAWLOR ✿

Jimmy Lawlor is a Irish Surrealist painter born in 1967
His work is based not only on the Irish sense of humour, but on the vivid realisation that the old way of life will have vanished by our next generation.

Childe HASSAM (1859-1935) ~ Landscape ✿

American Impressionist, painter Childe Hassam, is well known for his oil and watercolour paintings but much less so for his pastels.

Orizzonti perduti ~ Catherine La Rose

Se un giorno
mi tornasse la memoria
farei un buco rosa nella storia

Andre KOHN ~ Tango ✿

Andre KOHN ~ The Kiss/Il Bacio ✿

Raccogli il mio viso
la bocca
le gote mie tra i fiori
in fascio tra le tue mani
adagiaci stesa
dalle tue labbra alle mie
la parola Amore

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Patricia BELLEROSE ~ Orchestra ✿

Patricia Bellerose is a canadian artist born in 1980 in Joliette, Quebec. Although nobody in her family had artistic interest, they encouraged her to draw, do watercolors and other painting mediums. She graduated in graphic design in 2000 and worked in that field for a very short period.

Respiro ~ Catherine La Rose

Prendi il mio tempo
con tutti i respiri che lo scandiscono
senza indossare le ore
i giorni
e le stagioni

Hai dimenticato l'Amore ~ Catherine La Rose

Non t'accorgi che
ti guardo mentre
con le mani in pasta d'Amore
t'accarezzo tutto
accarezzo i tuoi occhi
ma invana trovo i tuoi pronti
solo pochi attimi ti accendi

Promessa d'Amore ~ Catherine La Rose

Il cielo fausto nei tuoi occhi
che mi fa alata
il tuo sorriso tinto fiero
sempre l'ho lodato
insieme al tuo nobile fiato

Mirza GHALIB ~ Quotes/Asif GHAYAZ ~ Art ✿

”Understand that this love is not easy,
A river of fire and to go drowning.”
”Comprendi che questo amore non è facile,
Un fiume di fuoco e affogare.”

- Mirza Ghalib

Liseth VISSER ✿

Dutch Classical Realist painter, 1960 Liseth Visser/ElisabethV paints her pictures in a classic realistic way using oils. She paints on panels and works both on a commission and non-commission basis.



Craig Pursley Artist Illustrator born in Nebraska in 1954, began drawing before starting kindergarten. Lacking unlined paper in the house, he would pull out the liners from his parents’ record albums and fill them with fanciful drawings of horses and wildlife.