Liseth VISSER ✿

Dutch Classical Realist painter, 1960 Liseth Visser/ElisabethV paints her pictures in a classic realistic way using oils. She paints on panels and works both on a commission and non-commission basis.

She uses a traditional labour-intensive technique with under-layers, under-paintings and lots of (half) transparent to create softness, depth and glow within the final layers, this to achieve a natural and realistic skin tone in a poetic ambianLiseth was given the rare opportunity to paint under the mentorship of Cornelis Le Mair. This exceptional and international successful artist inspired her with his mentorship, master classes and advice to such an extent that she took up a study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium.

In the meantime, Liseth quitted her managers job, the deadlines, competition and haste and exchanged it with a life surrounded by art. She works and lives in Veghel, in a traditional English ambiance where she finds both a wealth of inspiration as well as a splendid surrounding to display her art. Liseth appreciates the beauty of life and seeks ways to translate and narrate this into her classic yet contemporary portraits.

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