Mirza GHALIB ~ Quotes/Asif GHAYAZ ~ Art ✿

”Understand that this love is not easy,
A river of fire and to go drowning.”
”Comprendi che questo amore non è facile,
Un fiume di fuoco e affogare.”

- Mirza Ghalib
”In love there is no difference 'tween life and death do know
The very one for whom I die, life too does bestow.”

”Nell'amore non c'è differenza tra la vita e la morte
Quello per cui muoio, anche la vita me lo concede.”

- Mirza Ghalib

”A prayer needs a lifetime, an answer to obtain
Who can live until the time that you decide to deign.”

”Una preghiera ha bisogno di una vita, una risposta da ottenere
Chi può vivere fino al momento in cui decidi di degnar.”

- Mirza Ghalib

”Don't ask my condition because of you (due to Love sickness).
 You see your grandeur through my eyes.”

”Non chiedere la mia condizione a causa tua (a causa della malattia d'amore).
Vedi la tua grandezza attraverso i miei occhi.”

- Mirza Ghalib

”My face lit up with joy whenever i see my lover
and he/she thinks that my illness has cured.”

”La mia faccia si illumina di gioia ogni volta che vedo il mio amante
e lui / lei pensa che la mia malattia sia guarita.”

- Mirza Ghalib

”I have thousand wishes, each one afflicts me so
Many were fulfilled for sure, not enough although.”

”Ho mille desideri, ognuno mi affligge così
Molti si sono avverati di sicuro, anche se non abbastanza.”

- Mirza Ghalib

Asif Ghayaz talented pakistani artist painter born in Karachi in 1972.
 His work is inspired by the work office teacher. Asif has also created his own individual style and his perspectives are based mostly own wider angles in his portraits, still life or scenic painting. Asif believes that his brush is his tool for transferring his inner voice, his thoughts and his moods on the canvas. Although he has worked in many mediums, he still feels that pen and ink sketches are closest to his heart. Asif has been working for AGHA KHAN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL for six years. His work has been depicted in AKUH’s calendars, greeting cards and the covers of their newsletter. His paintings and sketches are on display at various art galleries of Karachi, including Canvas art gallery, Master art gallery, Louvre art gallery, The collectors Galleria (Lahore), Dream art gallery.

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