Andre KOHN ~ The Kiss/Il Bacio ✿

Raccogli il mio viso
la bocca
le gote mie tra i fiori
in fascio tra le tue mani
adagiaci stesa
dalle tue labbra alle mie
la parola Amore

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Siamo in un attimo di smarrimento
come confusi nei mulini a vento
e nei nostri occhi calamitati
il desiderio emozionante
di avvicinarsi dolcemente in un bacio...
Sfiorato nella mente
sfiorato veramente
e accostati finalmente

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Andre Kohn is russian (1972) figurative impressionist painter. Raised by an artistically gifted family near the Caspian Sea in southern Russia, Andre Kohn’s childhood was marked by an unfettered access to all the creative arts. His mother, a symphony violinist and his father, a noted linguist and writer, encouraged their only child to explore the limits of his artistic talents.
Kohn’s work is now represented by premier galleries in the United States and he is a regular contributor to invitational exhibitions. He is a frequent subject of highly regarded art publications, and his unique ability to communicate the expressiveness of the human form has kept him a mainstay in private, corporate and permanent museum collections worldwide. Andre currently resides and paints at his home in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he owns his own gallery: Andre Kohn Fine Art.

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