Emile BERCHMANS (1867-1947) ✿

Émile Berchmans (Liege, 1867 - Brussels,1947) was a Belgian painter and illustrator, son of the painter Émile-Édouard Berchmans, brother of the sculptor Oscar Berchmans.

Angelo Vernazza (1869-1937) ✿

Angelo Vernazza (Sampierdarena, 28 aprile 1869 – Genova, 3 maggio 1937) è stato un pittore italiano, attivo soprattutto in Liguria.


Jules Abel Faivre (1867-1945) was a French painter, illustrator and cartoonist. Faivre was born in Lyon, France. He attended École nationale des beaux-arts de Lyon for three years. He then attended the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts and Académie Julian.

Arthur STREETON ~ Still Life ✿

Sir Arthur Ernest Streeton (1867-1943) was an Australian painter best known for his landscapes. He was influenced by the French Impressionists and the works of J.M.W. Turner.


Isaac Snowman (1874-1947) was an Anglo-Jewish artist, born in London. While his work frequently focused on Jewish themes and subjects, he was also known for his portraits, genre and domestic views such as the present work. Between 1893 and 1919, he exhibited 25 works at the Royal Academy.

Bernard DUNSTAN ✿

Bernard Dunstan RA (1920-2017) was a British artist, teacher, and author, best known for his studies of figures in interiors and landscapes.  He was born in Teddington, Middlesex, in 1920.

Claude MONET ✿

Claude Monet (Parigi, 1840 – Giverny, 1926) è stato un pittore francese, considerato uno dei fondatori dell'impressionismo francese e certamente il più coerente e prolifico del movimento. I suoi lavori si distinguono per la rappresentazione della sua immediata percezione dei soggetti, in modo particolare per quanto riguarda la paesaggistica e la pittura en plein air.

Ernest Emile LEMENOREL ✿

Ernest Emile Leménorel was a French painter born in Paris in 1848 and pupil of Evariste Vital Luminais, he exhibited at the Salon of the Artists of 1882.

Vlaho Bukovac - Влахо Буковац ✿

Vlaho Bukovac - Влахо Буковац (1855-1922) is one of the most famous Croatian painters and founders of the modern Croatian painting. Was born as Biagio Faggioni in the town of Cavtat south of Dubrovnik in Croatia. His dad was an Italian from Genoa, while his mom was of Croatian descent.

Etienne TOURNES ✿

Étienne Tournès (1857-1931) was a French artist, born in Seix in Ariège in 1857 died in 1931. He was a painter of genre scenes, portraits, interiors, still lifes. Pupil of Alexandre Cabanel. He exhibited at the Salon of the National Society of Fine Arts in Paris.

Antoine CALBET ✿

Antoine Calbet (1860-1944) French painter of portraits and genre scenes, he showed himself to be a talented watercolorist and became known as an illustrator. Antoine Calbet moved to Paris and joined the Fine Arts where he was a pupil of Michel, Alexandre Cabanel and the genre painter Edouard Antoine Marsal.

Anna AIRY ~ Still Life ✿

Anna Airy (1882 -1964) was an English painter, pastel artist and etcher. She was one of the first women war artists, employed by the newly founded Imperial War Museum in 1918. Born in London, married to the painter Geoffrey Buckingham Pocock. Studied at Slade School of Fine Art, 1899–1903, under Henry Tonks, Fred Brown and Philip Wilson Steer.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a French artist, is one of the leading exponents of Impressionism. He was born on February 25, 1841 in Limoges, in central-western France. A few years after his birth, the family moved to Paris. Encouraged by his father, who works as a tailor, the young Renoir becomes a decorator of porcelain, then also of fabrics and fans.


Charles Joshua Chaplin (1825 -1891) was a French painter and printmaker who painted both landscapes and portraits. He worked in techniques such as pastels, lithography, watercolor, chalk, oil painting and etching. He was best known for his elegant portraits of young women.

Frans VERHAS ✿

Frans Verhas or Franz Verhas (1827-1897) was a Belgian painter. He is known for his portraits and genre scenes of women and children set in luxurious bourgeois homes. His elaborate salon interiors are characterised by their rich abundance and the display of a wide range of textures, such as tapestries, satins, furs, marbles and metals. Frans Verhas also painted animals, history paintings and still lifes.

Helene SCHJERFBECK (1862-1946) ✿

Helene Schjerfbeck (Finish, 1862-1946) was a Finnish painter. A modernist painter, she is known for her realist works and self-portraits, and also for her landscapes and still lifes. Throughout her long life, her work changed dramatically beginning with French-influenced realism and plein air painting. It gradually evolved towards portraits and still life paintings.


Aldo PARMIGIANI  is one of the greatest Italian painters of the last century. Born in Milan in 1935. Sensitive to art from an early age, he joined the painter Mossa as a pupil who educated him in oil painting and figure. Later he enrolled at the Cimabue Academy in Milan. He holds his first solo show at the Cornaro Castle in Asolo, an exhibition that marks the beginning of a long and prolific artistic career that leads him to exhibit also at an international level.

Wilfrid DE GLEHN ✿

Impressionist British painter of landscapes, figure subjects and portraits Wilfrid Gabriel de Glehn RA (1870-1951), elected to the Royal Academy in 1932. De Glehn would exhibit his own work first in Rome in 1894 and then in Paris in 1895.

Wilfrid DE GLEHN (1870-1951) ✿

Franz RUSS (1817-1892) ✿

Franz RUSS The Younger (1844-1906) ✿

Franz Russ (1844-1906) was an Austrian successful portrait and genre painter in Vienna during the second half of the 19th century. 


Salvatore Postiglione (Napoli, 20 dicembre 1861 – Napoli, 28 novembre 1906) è stato un pittore e docente italiano figurativo, del genere romantico, attivo nella seconda metà dell'Ottocento e all'inizio del Novecento.

Vittorio Matteo CORCOS (1859-1933) ✿

Vittorio Matteo CORCOS (1859-1933) was an Italian artist known for his paintings of elegant women in repose. Born in Livorno, Italy, he studied drawing and painting at the Academia di Belle Arti in Florence under Enrico Pollastrini.

Luca Postiglione (Napoli, 1876-1936) ✿

Luca Postiglione (Napoli, 1876 - Napoli, 1936) è stato un pittore italiano. Artista figurativo, è stato anche poeta in vernacolo napoletano. Era figlio d'arte, infatti lo zio Raffaele fu uno stimato pittore accademico, mentre il padre, Luigi, fu pittore di quadri religiosi e morì quando Luca aveva appena cinque anni.

Paul FISCHER ~ The Flower Market, Copenhagen ✿

Paul Gustav Fischer (1860-1934) was a Danish painter, born in Copenhagen. Fischer began to paint when he was still young, guided by his father. He worked from 1878-88 at the father's factory and exhibited regularly at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 1884-1902.

Andrei MARKIN ✿

Andrei MARKIN /Андрей Маркин is Russian professional artist, born in 1976 in the village of Andreevka Moscow region, Andrei grew up in the family of artist Victor Markin.