Franz RUSS The Younger (1844-1906) ✿

Franz Russ (1844-1906) was an Austrian successful portrait and genre painter in Vienna during the second half of the 19th century. 
Son of the painter Franz Russ and brother of the painter Robert Russ. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Director Christian Ruben and with Hans Makart. Worked as a genre and history painter in Vienna and Paris (1882–95).
For the parish church of St. Ulrich (Maria Trost) in Vienna he created the altarpiece 'Christ's Nativity'. As a portraitist, Russ painted portraits of the Austrian imperial couple, which were lithographed by Desmaisons."
While most of his career was spent in Vienna, Russ appears to have been in Paris, based on his Vienna exhibition records, from about 1882-1888. He maintained a studio in Montmarte and is known to have exhibited in the Paris Salon of 1887 with a Portrait of Madame Deloye.
In Paris he was thought to have associated with Charles-Lucien Leandre, and Maurice Eliot who had a workshop at the nearby rue Houdon. Other than his Parisian sojourn, the artist appears to have been primarily active in Vienna, exhibiting there from 1868 on. Girl Playing the Greek Double Pipe was exhibited (along with Lute player and Female Singer) in the Vienna Academy exhibition of 1877.

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