Arthur SPOONER (1873-1962) ✿

Arthur Spooner (1873–1962) was a British painter from Nottingham, England. Spooner was born in Nottingham and trained at the Nottingham School of Art (now part of Nottingham Trent University) in the late 19th century. He later taught landscape and figurative painting there in the early 20th century.

Mary Hiester REID (1854-1921) ~ Roses ✿

Mary Augusta Hiester Reid (1854–1921) was an American-born Canadian painter and teacher. She was best known as a painter of floral still lifes, and by 1890 she was thought to be the most important flower painter in Canada.

Abbott Fuller GRAVES (1859-1936) ~ Still Life/Flowers ✿

Abbott Fuller GRAVES (1859-1936) era un pittore e illustratore americano specializzato in dipinti decorativi di giardini all'aperto e nature morte floreali. Il suo uso di pennellate spesse, colori brillanti e luce naturale mostra l'influenza dell'impressionismo europeo.

Alfred STEVENS ✿

Ci son silenzi poi
Silenzi che baciano
Le tue labbra
Con le mie...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
Alfred Stevens (Bruxelles, 11 maggio 1823 – Parigi, 24 agosto 1906) è stato un pittore belga. Alfred Émile Stevens nacque a Bruxelles, dove fu iniziato alla pittura da François-Joseph Navez, a sua volta allievo di Jacques-Louis David. Stevens fu soprattutto attivo a Parigi, dove si stabilì nel 1844.

Alfred STEVENS (Belgian, 1823-1906) ✿

Alfred Stevens (1823-1906) was a Belgian painter. He was trained by François-Joseph Navez, a disciple of Jacques-Louis David. For a time, his historical themes and his taste for oriental kitsch made him an academic painter.

Agathe ROSTEL ✿

Agathe Röstel was a German female artist, considered a Romantic Academic genre painter from the German school. She was born in 1833 or 1866 in Munich, Germany.

Thomas KINKADE ~ Christmas ✿

William Thomas Kinkade III (1958-2012) was an American painter of Light of popular realistic, pastoral, and idyllic subjects. He is notable for achieving success during his lifetime with the mass marketing of his work as printed reproductions and other licensed products via the Thomas Kinkade Company. According to Kinkade's company, one in every twenty American homes owned a copy of one of his paintings.

The Christmas Tree ~ L'Albero di Natale ✿

Marius van Dokkum

Stephen PAN ~ Ballerina ✿

Stephen Pan/ 潘仲武 è un artista cinese nato a Shanghai nel 1963. Pan aveva cinque anni, quando suo nonno, famoso per la calligrafia e la poesia, Bo Yin Pan, gli diede le prime lezioni di disegno e pittura.

Thomas KINKADE ✿

American painter Thomas Kinkade III (1958-2012) known as the "Painter of Light". Thomas Kinkade has received numerous honors for his works, including multiple National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED), awards for Artist of the Year and Graphic Artist of the Year, and his art has been named Lithograph of the Year nine times.

Thomas HICKEY (1741-1824) ✿

Thomas Hickey (1741–1824) was an Irish painter, born in Dublin. Hickey was the son of Noah, a confectioner in Capel Street, and Anne Hickey. A younger brother was John Hickey, the sculptor. He was trained at the Royal Dublin Society schools under Robert West.

Lauren WIHELM ✿

Lauren Wilhelm is a Western Australian artis well recognised for her oil on canvas paintings of graceful horses and immaculate riders, the sense of freedom and contentment in these beautiful paintings have questions sitting behind them encouraging the viewer to contemplate.

Konstantin RAZUMOV ~ Children ✿

Konstantin Razumov (Константин Разумов) is a Russian painter born in 1974 in Moscow. He studied at the Ilya Glazounov Academy and specialized in historical painting, achieving great success.

Norbert GOENEUTTE (1854-1894) ✿

Norbert Goeneutte (23 July 1854, in Paris – 9 October 1894, in Auvers-sur-Oise) was a French Impressionist painter, etcher and illustrator; notably for the novel La Terre by Émile Zola.

Alessandro ZEZZOS (1848-1914) ✿

Alessandro Zezzos (1848-1914) was an Italian painter born in Venice to a Venetian mother and a Greek father. After completing his classical studies, he enrolled at the Venice Academy where he befriended his fellow students Nono, Milesi and Favretto. Among his favorite subjects we find costume scenes, portraits and various figures in Venetian city environments.

Alberto VARGAS ~ Pin-Up ✿ Part.2

Rolf ARMSTRONG ~ Pin-up Art ✿

Rolf Armstrong (April 21, 1889 – February 22, 1960) was an American commercial artist specializing in glamorous depictions of female subjects.  He was born in Bay City, Michigan. He is best known for his magazine covers and calendar art. In 1960 the New York Times dubbed him the “creator of the calendar girl.” His commercial career extended from 1912 to 1960, the great majority of his original work being done in pastel.

Fernand TOUSSAINT (1873-1956) ~ Belgian Painter ✿

Belgian painter Fernand Toussaint (1873-1956) he was born in Brussels in 1873 in a family of upper-middle class. When his parents discovered his talent in drawing they helped him ro develop it in full. He began studying art with Jean-François Portaels and at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts at the age of 15.

Gaston Casimir SAINT-PIERRE (1833-1916) ✿

Gaston Casimir SAINT-PIERRE (1833-1916) was a french orientalist painter known for Female figure and portrait painting, and decoration.

Henri GERVEX (1852-1929) ✿

Henri Gervex (Paris 10 December 1852 – 7 June 1929) was a French painter and pastellist who studied painting under Alexandre Cabanel, Pierre-Nicolas Brisset and Eugène Fromentin.

Aldo PARMIGIANI, 1935 ✿

Aldo Parmigiani è un'artista italiano che nasce a Milano nel 1935. Giovanissimo diventa allievo del pittore G. M. Mossa e contemporaneamente frequenta i corsi della Scuola D’Arte del Castello Sforzesco di Milano.

Etienne François Eugène LECOINDRE ✿

Etienne François-Eugène Lecoindre  - At The Café-Concert
Etienne François-Eugène Lecoindre is a French artist active in the 1880s. Born in Toulouse, and at first a pupil of Jules Garipuy (1817-1893), Eugène Lecoindre moved to Paris and entered the studio of Alexandre Cabanel (1823-1899), from whom he received an academic training. However, the painter was more attracted to the disruptive touch of the Impressionists and their treatment of light.

Alan AYERS ~ Book Covers for Romance 2 ✿

Alan Ayers is an illustrator Awarded as a novel cover artist in the historical category by Romance Writers of America's network of published authors.  A native of Gainesville, Florida, he graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art with a BFA in 1981.

Tamara DE LEMPICKA ~ Still Life ✿

Tamara de Lempicka (born Tamara Rozalia Gurwik-Górska; 16 May 1898 – 18 March 1980), was a Polish painter who spent her working life in France and the United States. She is best known for her polished Art Deco portraits of aristocrats and the wealthy, and for her highly stylized paintings of sensual women.

Julius LeBlanc STEWART ✿

Julius LeBlanc STEWART (1855-1919) Americano artista che la maggior parte della sua carriera l'ha trascorsa a Parigi, infatti era  soprannominato "il parigino di Filadelfia". Stewart è ricordato soprattutto per i suoi ritratti di società della Belle Époque e figure di donne sensuali.

Fabian PEREZ ~ Geisha ✿

Gaston BUSSIÈRE (1862-1928) ✿

Jean Gouwloos (1865-1943) ✿

Questa nebulosa d'Amore, Amore bugiardo tanto che,
mi provoca pensieri ingordi, espiri proibiti annodati al buio e all'inganno senza tempo un tempo infinito...
E così sia...

~ Catherine La Rose©2021 ~

Jean MANNHEIM (American, 1861-1945) ✿

Jean Mannheim (1863- 1945) was a German-born American artist and educator, known for his California Impressionist paintings. He was active in Decatur, Illinois and Pasadena, California.


Albert Edelfelt (1854 – 1905) è stato un pittore finlandese noto per il suo stile naturalistico e l'approccio realista all'arte.

Georges Moreau DE TOURS (French, 1848-1901) ✿

Georges Moreau de Tours (4 April 1848, Ivry-sur-Seine - 12 January 1901, Bois-le-Roi) was a French history painter and illustrator.


Atsushi Matsubayashi is a Japanese watercolor artist. He was a Sanrio staff member who has created the character PataPataPeppy. After he graduated in the Fine Arts Department of Nihon University College of Art in 1985, he soon started working at Sanrio where he specialized in Character Development.

Georges Moreau DE TOURS (1848-1901) ✿

Georges de Tours (Ivry-sur-Seine, 4 aprile 1848 – Bois-le-Roi, 12 gennaio 1901) è stato un pittore francese. Figlio dello psichiatra Jacques-Joseph Moreau e fratello dello psichiatra criminologo Paul Moreau de Tours.

Eduard NICZKY (German, 1850-1919) ✿

Eduard Niczky (Kassel, 1850-1919, Monaco di Baviera) è stato un pittore tedesco, noto per il ritratto femminile, la figura e la pittura di genere, le romantiche scene bucoliche.

Yuri YAROSH ~ Still life - Flower ✿

Yuri Yarosh/ Юрий Ярош, 1969 is a Belarusian painter and he currently lives and works in Spain.

Eduard NICZKY (1850-1919) ✿

Eduard Niczky (1850 - 1919) was a German painter, known for Female portrait, figure and genre painting, romantic bucolic scenes.

Jean Richard GOUBIE (French, 1842-1899) ✿

Jean Richard GOUBIE (Paris, 1842 - Paris, 1899) was a French painter, pupil of Jean Léon GEROME at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, GOUBIE took part in the Paris Salon from 1869 to 1893, obtaining a medal of third class in 1874.
In 1868 travelled abroad, including to Egypt, Palestine and Syria with Gérôme, Léon Bonnat and Albert Goupil.

Felix MAS, 1935 ✿

Non lasciare
c'hio ti lasci
non mi passa di te
ed è più forte di me

~ Catherine La Rose©2021 ~