Felix MAS, 1935 ✿

Non lasciare
c'hio ti lasci
non mi passa di te
ed è più forte di me

~ Catherine La Rose©2021 ~
Felix Mas is a spanish contemporary painter, was born in Spain in 1935, where he currently lives and his artistic passions. He has always been a student of art since his childhood and developed his skills as he matured into adulthood.
Mas attended the San Jorge Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where he received a great deal of traditional training. He has also traveled throughout Europe and the United States to enrich his perspective and perfect his skills.
Mas’s inspiration comes from the diverse array of beautiful women he has seen throughout his travels, particularly influenced by ancient Rome and Greece, as well as parts of Asia, Egypt, and India. Each woman is painted precisely, exuding elegance and enhanced by her own backdrop, which is carefully thought out to add individualized flare to the central figure.
Felix Mas can capture a woman's soul and beauty and put it on to canvas in a way that very few artists can represent with such complexity. His work is subjective and left purposefully up to the viewer's own translation and ideas. Mas currently divides his time traveling between Barcelona and the United States. Martin Lawrence Galleries is proud to have select Felix Mas works in our inventory, which can be seen here.

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