Nathaniel SICHEL (1843-1907) ~ Orientalist ✿

Nathaniel SICHEL (1843-1907) was a german painter known for Historical scenes, portrait and figure Orientalist. Born in Mainz, Germany Nathaniel Sichel gained great repute as a figurative artist, portraitist, historical painter and lithographer. He is best known and won the widest popularity for his arresting depictions of female beauties, who as here were often dressed in Oriental costume.
Sichel was a masterful painter of the female figure who understood and ably described their beauty through a lightness of brush, sensuous colouring, underlined by strong draughtsmanship.
Nathaniel Sichel studied at the Royal Academy of Art in Munich from 1859 to 1862. In 1863 Sichel won the prestigious Italian prize and ensuing travel scholarship for his painting titled "Joseph Explains the Dreams of the Pharaoh" and established himself as an outstanding Orientalist painter. Having returned to Germany he became active as a portrait painter. Works of Sichel can be viewed in various German museums.

Nathaniel Sichel died in Berlin in 1907. Such was his repute that his paintings were sometimes reproduced as porcelain tiles and plates, notably by K.P.M. (the Royal Berlin Porcelain Manufactory).

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