Hamish BLAKELY ✿

Hamish Blakely is an English painter was born in Canterbury in 1968 and developed an interest in art from an early age. He studied illustration at Wimbledon School of Art and completed his degree at Kingston University to become a professional illustrator. He worked for numerous renowned companies and the author of ‘Schindler’s List’, Thomas Keneally.
Inspired by the beauty of the female form, his artworks hint at deeper, primal forces. Using a rich colour palette, Hamish paints with finesse while creating a tactile surface achieved with layer upon layer of heavily-applied pigment. He cites his wife Gail as the muse for his pieces.
Hamish says: “I have completely changed the way I paint over decades. In fact, I am proud, not conceited, to write that I now paint in a way that I would have thought impossible twenty, thirty years ago.” 

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