Zofia Błażko ✿

Zofia Błażko is one of the most interesting Polish painters of the young generation. The precise line and stunning lightness of the contrast do not allow you to look away from her portraits of the colorful Art Deco style.

AL SARALIS ~ Ballet ✿

Al Saralis figurative painter, graduated from Newport in 1978 with a B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art. This was followed by a post-graduate year at Cardiff where Al achieved a distinction in gaining his qualifications to teach Art. Since then he has been a full-time professional artist and teacher of Art.



Joseph LORUSSO ✿

Joseph Lorusso was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1966 and received his formal training at the American Academy of Art. He went on to receive his B.F.A. degree from the Kansas City Art Institute. Born of Italian descent, Lorusso was exposed to art at an early age. Through several early trips to Italy, his parents introduced him to the works of the Italian Masters. Lorusso would look to these influences throughout his early artistic development and they are still evident in his work today.

Yaroslav Kurbanov ✿

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