Jaclyn Alderete is american figurative painter, was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where her passion for art began at a young age. She began using oil paint as a teenager, soon discovering its expressive quality both a challenge and catalyst for further exploration. Using her figurative depictions and expressive brush strokes to convey the uniquely human spectrum of emotion, she further commands the impression of the viewer through painterly techniques which serve to unsettle the composition. Subjects are often simultaneously distinct from, and merged with, their environments, as part of the figure or background are blurred while other parts are clearly defined. Accompanying her inquisitive and thoughtful figures is multi-faceted symbolism. Among her favorite subjects are birds, insects, fish, flowers, plants, and moving water. Many represent empathy, fragility, vision, and our ever-changing existence. Her use of a broad and muted palette along with powerful contrasts produces a deeply contemplative quality, which, when interrupted by brief flashes of color, informs the viewer’s perception of the motif.
Jaclyn has shown in galleries nationwide including The Modern Eden Gallery, Cactus Gallery, Flower Pepper Gallery, Abend Gallery, and more. She continues to create art on a daily basis. Her hunger for understanding and interest in the strange and beautiful serve as her impulse to further develop her metier.

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