Katsu Nakajima ナカジマカツ Is Japanese, born in 1954 And He Currently Resides In Chiba Prefecture Of Japan. He Studied And Graduated From Doshisha University Of Kyoto In Order To Become A Chemical Engineer. But Upon His Graduation He Veered Away From A Career In Engineering To Enter The World Of Advertising. This Was Because He Became Convinced For The First Time In His Life, In The Latter Half Of His Student Days, That He Was More Interested In The Arts Than The Sciences. However, Instead Of Entering The World Of Fine Art, He Dived Headlong Into The Commercial World Of Creative Advertising. He Devoted Himself To The Job Of Designer And Art Director For Around 30 Years, During Which Time He Was Awarded The Silver Medal In The International Biennial Of Graphic Design Brno Of The Czech Republic, Making A Name For Himself In The Advertising Industry. He Began Painting Watercolors Around 2006, And Oil Painting In The Summer Of 2007. He Resolved To Immerse Himself In The World Of Fine Art The Following Year, And Simultaneously Began Studying Drawing From Scratch. In Describing His First Experience With Oil Paints, He Said, "I Felt Completely At Home With The Paints, Almost As If I'd Been Painting With Them For A Long Time." The First Landscape He Painted Around This Time Won An Award In A Competition In Japan, And He Went On To Win A Total Of Three Awards (Including Two Portraits) That Same Year. He Found This Very Encouraging, And Says The Experience Paved The Way To His Current Status.

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