J LOUIS ✿ part.2

J Louis born in Karlsruhe, Germany, attended Savannah College of Art Design, and is now based in Chicago.
The artist, J Louis paints exquisite, abstracted forms creating a vibrant story that cleverly directs viewers toward personal introspection. He considers himself a Dynamic Impressionist, constructing what he calls “moments of fleeting light, abstracted space and cleverly posed subjects.” The often-juxtaposed figure abstractions in J Louis’s work produce spiritually-charged, timeless visual harmony in a velvety color palette. The female figures of his debut figurative show exhibit a radiance reminiscent of the great French Impressionists and refreshingly combines abstracted spaces with the vision of a new kind of American Expressionist. Known for his rich color expression, crisply focused energy, and impeccable line suggestive of a bygone era. J Louis’s appreciation of life and love are revealed in his selection of pose, subject, and hue.

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