Richard MAURY ✿

Richard Maury is a mature painter who is considered to be an important and continuing link in the rich tradition of American realism — the logical successor to John Singer Sargent and John Koch. Richard Maury was born in Washington, DC, he attended the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC, the Art Student's League of New York City, and L'Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy.

Evan WILSON, 1953 ✿


Félix VALLOTTON (1865 -1925) ✿

Juan Carlos MANJARREZ ✿

Ivor Henry Thomas HELE (1912-1993) ✿

Sir Ivor Henry Thomas Hele (1912-1993) , was an Australian artist. He was the longest serving war artist for the Australian War Memorial and completed more commissioned works than any other Australian artist in the history of Australian art.
Aged only 15, he studied drawing and painting in Paris and Munich. He married Jean Berry when he was 20. He was the first war artist appointed in the Second World War, and he served in New Guinea and North Africa. He was also a war artist in the Korean War.
In 1957 he divorced his first wife and married June Weatherly. Hele was severely self-critical and only ever held two exhibitions of his work, in 1931 and 1958. He often burned paintings he was dissatisfied with. He painted portrait of Prime Ministers Sir William McMahon and Malcolm Fraser, which are hanging in the New Parliament House in Canberra. Ivor Hele was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1954. This was upgraded to Commander status in 1969. In the New Year's Honours of 1983 he was named a Knight Bachelor for his services to art.

Juan Manuel COSSÍO ✿

Giuseppe MUSCIO ✿

Erika GRAIG ✿

Dod PROCTER (1892-1972) ✿


Evgeniy MONAHOV ~ Sketches ✿

Sketches are the blood of paintings, without which art becomes faint and lifeless. Their incompleteness and imperfection is a promise of a future masterpiece. They are always better than the final large canvas, no matter how well-made they are, just like the expectation of a miracle is always more precious than a dream come true.

Czeslaw TANSKI (1862-1942) ~ Allegory of Music, 1927✿

Tański Czesław (1862-1942) was a polish artist, painter, inventor, air builder, pioneer of gliding and promoter of aviation in Poland. He is called the father of Polish aviation. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Design and the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
Alegoria Muzyki/ Allegory of Music, 1927



Al primo respiro
ho baciato le tue parole
la bocca riaddolcita
dai tuoi seni
bevuta poesia

~ Catherine La Rose© ~

Non chiedermi il perché ~ Catherine La Rose

 Prima di liberare parola
chiediti il perché
mi duole anche
e costantemente il cuore
da sprigionare fragilità
in un buco nero tra le stelle

Colin FRASER ~ Still Life ✿

Colin Fraser is a contemporary Scottish painter known for his detailed still lifes, landscapes, and interiors. Colin Fraser is the antithesis of the layabout Bohemian artist; he’s in the studio every morning without fail. Sounds like hard graft. But he wouldn’t really describe it this way. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. According to Colin, once he’s settled in his studio, the painting itself does all the work.



Ellen C. BROWN ✿

Ellen Brown’s love of fine art began in high scschool, where an inspiring teacher opened eyes to still life painting. She continued her art education with weekend studies at the Corcoran Art Museum in Washington D.C., and a BFA from Ohio State University.hool, where an inspiring teacher opened eyes to still life painting. She continued her art education with weekend studies at the Corcoran Art Museum in Washington D.C., and a BFA from Ohio State University.

Helene BELAND ~ Flowers ✿


Kamal RAO ✿

Painter, photographer and a teacher, Kamal Rao was born in a family of artists. Kamal himself worked as a banner artist for a decade in New Delhi practicing the techniques on large flexes of Bollywood movie banners of that time. A firm believer of realism, he works towards making each subject of his paintings shown truthfully and with a lot of detail. He shifted his base to the beautiful city of Udaipur when he got an opportunity to work in an artist run gallery in the city.

Sharon SPRUNG part.3 ✿

Come quando sei qui...
Amo immaginare
che stringerai a resinare
la nostra corteccia d'Amore

~ Catherine La Rose©2018 ~
Tratto da "Come quando sei qui"

Osamu OBI ✿

Osamu Obi è nato a Kanagawa, in Giappone nel 1965. Si diploma nel 1988 alla Musashino Art University, Dipartimento di Pittura ad Olio. Nel 1990 completa il Master in Pittura ad olio, Musashino Art University. Espone al Museo centrale di Tokyo. Partecipa alla mostra del premio Yasui. Nel 1996 partecipa all'esposizione di scambio tra pittori olandesi sudcoreani e giapponesi (Yokohama e Seul).

Lamberto MELINA ✿

 E ci ho lasciato un respiro
a questo sogno
da sparare in testa
al destino...

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Albert HENRY COLLINGS (1868 -1947) ✿

Albert Henry Collings (1868 -1947) was an English artist most notable for his portraiture. Collings was born, trained, and lived all his life in London. Working in oils, water-colour, and pastel, he specialised in figure subjects and portraits, for which he received a number of official commissions. He exhibited for many years at the Royal Society of British Artists, showing a total of 98 works and being elected a member in 1897. He also supported the Royal Academy (29 works, 1896–1938) and the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, and showed at the Paris Salon, where he was awarded a gold medal for a portrait in 1907. t notable for his portraiture.

William OXER ✿

Abbott HANDERSON THAYER (1849-1921) ✿


Aaron Westerberg is a classically trained oil painter that explores visual poetry with subtlety and nuance. Westerberg, born in San Diego, CA in 1974, has developed a style of painting informed by the works of American and European masters like Edmund Tarbel, John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn and others.

Yigal OZERI ✿

Ti guardo...
mi chiedo
se ho paura di perderti

è la paura di averti...
Ma mai ti dirò
non tormentarmi più l'anima...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

L'immenso sublima l'infinito ~ Catherine La Rose

Il cielo stende la notte
l'immenso sublima l'infinito
e si scandisce il tempo senza tempo
nel tangibile...
il silenzio

Non addormentarti Amore ~ Catherine La Rose

Non addormentarti Amore

Veglia su di me
cuor mio
come fossi l'ultima candela
da consumare lenta

Io vorrei, ma non posso ~ Catherine La Rose

Io vorrei, ma non posso
che in tacito sussulto
piomberei sulle tue
labbra dove
neanche la memoria
ha il tuo bacio nascosto

Il Guerriero delle Stelle ~ Catherine La Rose

Ti ho rincorsa in sogno
strappata dal tuo primordiale incubo
lottato con le oscure maree
abbracciati i tuoi abbandoni
i tradimenti
le tue paure placate
il tuo tempo fermo
d'illusioni e speranze
riemerso a remare