Evgeniy MONAHOV ~ Sketches ✿

Sketches are the blood of paintings, without which art becomes faint and lifeless. Their incompleteness and imperfection is a promise of a future masterpiece. They are always better than the final large canvas, no matter how well-made they are, just like the expectation of a miracle is always more precious than a dream come true.

Russian painter Evgeniy Monahov/Евгений Монахов was born in in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow Art College and the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow (faculte of easel painting, studio under the guidance of professors M. Abakumov and V. Sidorov). Since 2002 a member of the International Federation of Artists and National Artist's Union of Russia.
Monakhov's paintings excite the same feelings, as music and poetry do. Metaphors of time, history and personal emotional experience pass before spectators. Delicate colours and refined contours create beautiful musical harmony.

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