Giuseppe MUSCIO ✿

I was born in Orta Nova, a small town situated in the historical and cultural region of Apulia, where as a child I played in my grandfather’s vineyard. I was fascinated by the majestic landscape around me and realised that I was born to be an artist and painter. If I close my eyes, I still can smell the perfume of the rows of vines, the fragrance of the olives and the almonds. I immediately began to reproduce what I could see onto drawing sheets, which my grandfather would give me. Soon, I moved to Milan with my family, leaving behind my roots and my love for the region. I was passionate about painting; I studied the painting’s techniques of the greatest painters of 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. I also experimented with various painting techniques using scientific methods.
I met great Masters such as Giorgio De Chirico, Domenico Cantatore, Renato Guttuso.I went to their studios where I learned new techniques and saw new ideas thus improving my pictorial knowledge and skills. When I look at ancient works of art, I try to see beyond the image my eyes perceive in order to understand the mood and the feelings the artist wanted to impress on the canvas. It is poetry and sensitivity that I want to see when I look at my paintings, because only in this way I can feel satisfied and gratified.

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