✿ Claudio Souza PINTO ✿

 'A Ciel condito di stelle
la luna si e' fermata
tutto ha cessato di battere
e come per magia
e' precipitata su quel cuscino di baci
forse solo per dirti...
Ti Amo...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

 'Afferrami i nodi
la corteccia leccata d'Amore
aggrappiamoci ai fianchi...
in un caschè
annida dentro me
poi penetrami
e tangami l'anima...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1954, Claudio Souza PINTO at the age of four began working in clay under the guidance of his uncle, the painter Bernardo Cid de Souza Pinto. He sold his own art whilst studying for a degree in industrial design at Mackenzie University in São Paulo. In 1990 Alan Aouizerate, the French art collector, fell in love with  Souza Pinto's work and invited him to exhibit at Le Bains and The Opera in Paris.  He has since successfully exhibited internationally for many years.  He lives in France and Brazil.
Painter, poet, comedian. The definition given to Claudio Souza Pinto’s style is unusual. However, it translates properly the work of this Brazilian artist, well known in France for about eight years and who, little by little, is getting to conquer his own country’s public as well. At first sight, his works are seen as a fantasy world, but as he explains, “ I paint human being’s clothes since our society only values appearances. Only that these hide feelings…” For him, the masks are more than only the product of creativity. They are the everyday situations that we all face. “ We all have masks for our different behaviors, which come up depending on the occasion”, he adds.
“I transform everyday situations with a surrealistic filter and I create fantastic and good humored images”.

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