✿ Miguel AVATANEO ✿

'E ancora...ancora
tiepidi vaginali sospiri
che alitano insaziabili
sul mio appagato sudario...
...Ecco il dopo l'Amore...

tratto da "Dopo l'Amore" di ~ Catherine La Rose©2009 ~

Miguel Avataneo was born in 1962 in San Cristobal, Pcia de Santa Fe, Argentina. In 1988 he graduated from  Escuela de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. Since then he has taken part in countless solo and collective exhibitions both in the national and international artistic scene. As his studies progressed, Avataneo developed a passion for the pure form of classicism of the Italian masters; Corregio, Giorgione, Raphael and Titian. In addition, French artists of the late 18th century; such as David, Courbet and Ingres, played importantly in the development of Avataneo's style. Recognizing the influences implicit in his training, but striving to build upon the discipline it gave him, Avataneo created a world of pictorial imagery entirely his own. Avataneo considers himself to be part of the new classicism that began in the last decade. This combined with his roots in South America results in exquisitely sensitive works. Avataneo strives to give his "dreams the status of reality, thus binding together the viewer with the creator".
His art is acclaimed and sought by art collectors from Latin America, The United States and Europe. At present he is working for the Bryant Gallery in New Orleans and for the Centro Cultural Goya in Buenos Aires.

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