✿ Santiago CARBONELL ✿

'Come una favilla
arde carne
sulle tue labbra
mentre in estasi
mi perdo
nel limbo
in mio possesso...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Santiago Carbonell is synonymous of realism, is synonymous of many forms of art,
he’s who brought a new meaning of paint to Mexicot. Through him we meet with Caravaggio and Claudio Bravo, it was he who invited us to approach to an almost photographic realism, it was he who made us admire the beauty of forms, the subtlety of lines, Carbonell always surprises us with landscapes, women, symbols, colors always friendly.
The environments, the beauty of the faces, all this makes Santiago the most important hyper-realistic painter of México.
Born in 1960 in Quito, Ecuador and Spanish nationality with more than 30 years living in Mexico we feel him as another mexican fellow.

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