✿ Adam MILLER ✿

Siamo in volo ora
ventaglio d'ali
di un palpito d'Amore
in a Butterfly Dream...
tua crisalide
di un primordiale volo
è pronta a librarsi in te...

tratto da"A Butterfly Dream (Siamo in volo ora ventaglio d'ali di un palpito d'Amore...)" di ~ Catherine La Rose©2011 ~

Adam Miller is known for his contemporary figure paintings.  Born in 1979 in Oregon. He began an apprenticeship to artist Allen Jones at thirteen years old. At Sixteen he was accepted to the Florence Academy Of Art in Florence Italy where he underwent an extensive training in classical painting techniques and studied the masterpieces of the Renaissance firsthand. For the next four years Miller traveled in Europe studying the greatest art of the past, especially the Mannerists in Florence and the Flemish Baroque painting in Antwerp. Miller approaches his work as a theatre director, taking control of light and space to bring the visions of his imagination to life. His work is filled with Symbols and mythology that create an atmosphere of mystery and sensuality. His work has been commissioned by Robert Pamplin Jr., the Chairman of the Board of the Portland Art Museum, Mike Tyson, and Eric Rhodes, publisher of Fine Art Connoiseur. Miller has exhibited in both the U.S and Europe.

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