✿ Jose Luis MUÑOZ LUQUE ✿

Jose Luis MUÑOZ LUQUE born in Cordoba (Spain) in 1969. 1993. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Seville in 1993.
I dedicate myself fully to the creative arts, mainly painting and engraving.
 My biggest influences are the symbolism and Renaissance painting, but, both aesthetically and conceptually, I enjoy merging with the comic and the movies I do enjoy both. In the compositions look for an update on universal symbols of classical mythology and literature, from my contemporary vision.
On the way, I like to take good care of the preparation of the work, giving more importance to the composition. Technically, I begin with a detailed drawing which I gradually adding color based glazes, tempera and acrylic first and then Alkid resin oil. Although I like the detail, do not look for the photographic realism, the painting seems to prefer painting, I usually put my characters on flat bottoms with symbolic elements drawn and written or gold leaf

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