'Come un arazzo
appeso .udo
alla malinconia
ascolto rimembranze
scorrere lente
su appannati vetri

di un gelido inverno...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

 Seth Garland was born in Cornwall in 1977. His passion for painting stems from his background as his parents are both top professional illustrators, his father being best known for illustrating the Tolkien book jackets. This constant connection with the visual arts created a vibrant illustrative environment in which to grow up and where his obsession for painting began. During his study at Central Saint Martins, Garland won second prize in 'The Art of Imagination Open Competition', held at the Mall Galleries, London and was their youngest prize winner at the age of 20. His paintings are influenced by the works of the Italian High Renaissance. By reviving a Renaissance method (the same used by Leonardo da Vinci and Holbein) and marrying it with the compositional approach of fashion photographers, the result is a sumptuous hybrid of modern beauty and Renaissance nuances. His work shows an understanding of histories present within the painting process, his contemporary approach to panel painting uses contemporary subject matter to employ these techniques in a modern context.

4 commenti:

  1. Complimenti Caterina La Rosa per la presentazione delle opere di questo straordinario artista Seth Garland che, sebbene sia ancora molto giovane e molto talento, apprezzo molto l'arte nudo e ci hanno offerto molto in questo genere, con opere di vari artisti ...
    Baci mia bella!

  2. Che mirabile accostamento tra versi e rappresentazioni iconiche muliebri!!! Sempre brava Catherine la Rose !!!! Prof. Alberto Mirabella

  3. I tuoi versi m'incantano e si distaccano dai soliti "luoghi comuni" dei finti poeti....Prof. Alberto Mirabella


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